Queen Máxima Opens Utrecht Park

Queen Máxima officially opened a park named in her honor in Utrecht this morning. For this occasion (during which she rode a bicycle through the park), she wore what I think is the most perplexing ensemble we’ve seen on her since she became Queen in April. To compliment her ill-tailored rainbow dress, Máxima chose a new natural straw beret trimmed with a sweeping side bow.

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I think a neutral coloured hat was the right choice for this dress but I’m not sure the bow works on this classic beret. Máxima has looked impeccable in recent months but I’m afraid this hat is a complete miss for me.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Unknown 

What do you think of this hat

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29 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Utrecht Park

  1. If nothing else, Max is an enigma. The outfit in the link to the Brunei trip ie pants with flats would have been far more appropriate for this outing. Surely some clever aide at the Palace could have predicted that Max would end up on a bike in this situation. I quite like the colours and the vee neck of the outfit she wore, but it should have been a loose tunic top over pants. As it is the sleeves, or extended shoulder, is not in balance with the skirt. And why did she plop that shapeless little straw hat atop the straggly hair? Oh Maxie, you need some guidance and not from Dutch designers I fear.

  2. At least this shows some individual style and creativity. The colors are vibrant and this is interesting. Not boring like most other queens and princesses.

    • I think it is super retro chic… color blocking is hot right now! I really love this dress. The hat not so much.

  3. I can’t imagine how hard it was to ride a bike in heels – AND keep her knees together to foil those pesky photographers! The hat might have been better with different hair. Down and straight was definitely not the right look with this hat! Even with the other hat recommended, it needed a different hairstyle.

  4. The turbans I was not too keen on, but they hide this straggly hair hanging on her shoulders, so I’m all in favour of more turbans to come!

    • Great choice! Many of Máxima’s natural-coloured straw hats are usually quite large but this one would have been a great choice. I like the bow on this hat much better than the bow on the beret she wore today.

  5. This hat continues an odd trend for Queen Maxima. I like her in some of her odd hats and outfits, but lately the hats have been just bad. Hope she changes up her style again soon.

    • This whole look looks just plain silly, imho. It appears that she ran out of colors when it came to her accessories! Not even her pretty smile can make up for that ridiculous hat. Sorry Queen Max, but you blew it big time.

  6. Natan rides again. Literally. I’m not surprised at all- why does everyone expect a designer with a shockingly bad track record to produce anything different?

  7. The hat is a little blah and I agree that the bow is not nice. That makes it looke like it is for a little girl. But that dress is terrible!

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