The Queen Celebrates the Thistle Foundation

The Queen visited Wighton House in Edinburgh today to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Thistle Foundation, a Scottish charity which supports people living with long-term disabilities. For this visit, Queen Elizabeth repeated a jade green straw hat with side spray of flowers and feathers.

Embed from Getty Images

While this is the first time this particular hat has appeared here on Royal Hats, The Queen has worn it several times before (see a history of previous wearings below). The crown on this hat is a tiny bit too boxy for my liking but I love the diagonal weave of the straw. What do you think of the shape and details on this hat?

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: July 22, 2012; July 19, 2011; and May 17, 2011

Photos from Press Association via The British Monarchy and via The Daily Record

9 thoughts on “The Queen Celebrates the Thistle Foundation

  1. Nice size and shape. Thank god we still have public figures wearing outfits appropriate to their age and station in life.

  2. I get tired and bored seeing all the match matchy stuff. Not just QE but seems like all the royals wear the same color matching everything. I find it very passé and unimaginative.

      • No No NO…I find the co-ordinated clothing and hats quite refreshing compared to what one sees here in America. The look of most everyone, on this blog pleases me… after visiting any mall in the USA, where more and more often you see jeans, tees and tattoos. I find matchy matchy stuff refreshing. Sorry, if I upset anyone.

    • So you want Queen Elizabeth to be wearing modern fashion and avant-garde hats? That is just silly. Her elegance is due to the fact that her hats always match her clothing. She does not need to follow the stupid trends of “modern” fashion.

  3. I like this one although the photographs from the other times she wore this hat are much better. The center of the flowers is the most beautiful blue and the shade of green is much nicer.

    When I started reading this blog in January I didn’t know much at all about royal ladies outside the British Royal family and I knew almost nothing about the hats. When I saw the Queen in this lovely hat today my first thought was “Oh, that’s a nice hat with a very niced shaped brim. It must have been designed by Rachel Trevor Morgan!!!!” Thank you for helping even an old bird like me learn some new things!

    • Your post made me smile, Janet! It is quite interesting to see how each designer has a signature shape, look or “flair” to their hats that is quite recognizable, isn’t it?!

    • I think your right Janet. These photo’s make this hat look neon. I didn’t like this hat one bit until I saw the old photo’s of it.

      I don’t care so much about who designed what and it all pretty much looks the same to me. I just know what hat I like and what hat I dno’t like. I just wish Lilibet would wear some pink and red again. There the best colors on her. Well goodnight folks!

  4. Actually I like this one a lot. I think the crown is just about perfect for HM (pardon the pun) – it has some height and is also slightly domed. Best of all, it is not asymmetrical! Starting with this crown, any number of flattering brims could be used. I know HM goes for smallish brims on purpose, but I would like to see them a tad wider.

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