The Queen and Princess Royal in Cumbria

Queen Elizabeth visited  Kendal and Lake Windemere in Cumbria today, accompanied by her daughter, Princess Anne, the Princess Royal.  The Queen looked happy and relaxed on this visit (she even joked with a young schoolgirl that she hoped her new great grandchild would hurry up and arrive before she leaves on holiday!) for which she repeated a jade green straw hat with side spray of flowers and feathers. This is a lot of strong colour but I still really like this hat- it’s a great shape and I love the subtle diagonal straw weave and royal blue centered silk flowers. While it’s a strong look, it’s quite striking.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: July 5, 2013July 22, 2012July 19, 2011; and May 17, 2011

Princess Anne’s hat, a classic shaped yellow hat with slightly relaxed brim and bow around the crown, is a familiar one….

… from her daughter Zara’s christening in 1981!! It looks in remarkably good shape for its age (32 years). I think this hat sets a new record here on the blog as the hat kept in royal service for the longest time.

Designer: I believe it is John Boyd
Previously Worn: June 16, 1998; July 27, 1981

Photos from REX/Shutterstock; Lord Litchfield

21 thoughts on “The Queen and Princess Royal in Cumbria

  1. I know I’m several years late to the punch here, but AFAIK the hat kept in royal service the longest is actually another John Boyd number of Anne’s. This dates back to at the latest 1969:

    and she wore it most recently (that I know of) to Cheltenham in 2014:

    I know you covered that day of Cheltenham and might have picked up on that fact back then, but I think it’s so incredible that I wanted to point it out anyway. PS. here’s another wearing of it from 1999:

  2. You can pick a non-Angie outfit from a mile. That’s a megawatt smile from Lilibet, doesn’t she look wonderful? Anne often wears yellow, and I always think its a colour that suits her beautifully. L would prefer the hat to have a tad wider brim, but hey, that’s a quibble.

  3. Loved HM’s gorgeous hat…it’s so wonderful when she wears a HAT…and not a craft project! The Princess Royal also repeated her complete outfit – hat AND dress, from Charles and Diana’s wedding, when she attended Lady Rose Windsor’s nuptials in 2008, the ensemble was 27 years old at the time, and hadn’t aged well…also, given the way things ended up for the first wedding the outfit attended, seemed a bit crass to repeat it. So while today’s hat wins the hat age sweepstakes, the fully repeated outfit likely retains it’s record as well!

  4. I love this hat on HM, the shape is perfect for her. I really do wish she would let RTM and other trained milliners do all her hats, they
    are so much better looking than Angela Kelly’s which often seem heavy-handed or juvenile. Anne, you’ve got to love her! Yellow is a very pretty color on her. I like seeing her out and about with HM, their schedules don’t usually mesh.

    • I agree these ladies look both look so nice today. And who cares how old a hat is? There are some hats from the 1960s that are back in fashion today and you’d never know if they were new or old. I hope Princess Anne can go on more daytrips with the queen it’s so nice to see them out together.

  5. The fabric texture in the Queen’s hat is absolutely the best. Again, it would be among a large collection of her hats vying for the top ten. Princess Ann’s hat looks OK but just a bit floppy for the outfit. I could see her thinking “It’s about time this one comes out again. I wonder how long it would take for someone to notice?” In cases like these two hats, is it the hat that chooses the outfit or the outfit that chooses the hat? (Are dresses ever made just to go with hats, or are hats always just the accessory?)

  6. Ann’s hat looks as fresh as new…it certainly preserved well.
    Interesting that one must go back 30 some years to see the Queen in something other than her usual style hat. She looks great also…as usual.

  7. I love the Queen’s hat and outfit, completely fulfilling the dictum that she has to be seen to be believed. She has developed a style which is just as characteristic and recognisable as her mother’s, and that is part of her role – being a style icon of her own particular Queenly style!

    Anne’s thrift is admirable; and although it is a jolly little hat, I must say it looks like anything one could buy from a hat counter in a not-very up-to-date department store. So I suppose I would call it rather boring!

    • Both hats are lovely today. Not every hat needs to be a top designer hat. Many of the top designer hats look like rubish. This one is very elegant and looks very good on the Princess Royal.

  8. Love Anne’s hat and the Queen’s hat. Now, those are what I call hats! Both lovely colors. Love the fact the Princess Royal brought out her hat again after more than 30 years. The style is quite timeless.

    • I agree with you. The Queen looks realy good in jade green. Princess Anne also looks good in yellow. You’d never know her hat was so old!

  9. Everyone loves to act like Catherine recycling clothes is a huge deal and that she’s the first to do so- Anne has always been the queen of recycling! Hat still looks great- and I l

  10. The Queen looks very well in this jade hat, the curve of the top works very well, and the color suits perfectly. As for Anne, I think she looks better in it now than 30 years ago.

  11. Love QEII’s hat – color is stunning on her – and the arrangement/size of the flowers on brim are great! amazing that Anne pulled this hat out of the bag from so long ago and it looks great today…sure they all have huge closest just for hat storage…I cannot keep a hat for more than 2 yrs – they get crushed usually. I do have a couple of early 50’s hats that are small that were my mom’s however that I did manage to keep and they did not get crushed or fall apart (yet).

    • I was wondering the same thing- how in the world does she keep a 34 year old hat so that it looks brand new?! Amazing.

      I love this hat on the queen. I never used to tell the difference between her hat designers but now I can spot the difference quite easily! I love the flowers on the side (the blue center is beautiful).

  12. I clocked this antique hat as soon as I saw it and was hoping to reveal its age; but your expertise shouldn’t be doubted. How fab that she is wearing he hat from her daughters christening just as that same daughter has announced her own pregnancy. Anne really is a law into herself…. Perhaps a special feature on Anne’s hats over the years is in order (and also the ones that she drags out again after 30 years gathering dust!!)

    • Excellent idea James- I’ll plan to do a retrospective on Anne’s hats around the time of her birthday. She certainly is a law unto herself and that’s one of the reasons I love her so much.

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