The Queen Catches Some Cricket

Queen Elizabeth visited Lord’s Cricket Ground for the first day of the second test between England and Australia today. To meet members of the Marlybourne Cricket Club along with players from the English and Australian teams, the Queen repeated a bright turquoise blue straw hat with a diagonal crown, side split brim and side straw bow. The hat is fine although I’m not a fan of the white figure eight buckle (even though it coordinates with the circle motif on the Queen’s dress and jacket) and the side split on the brim seems unnecessarily fussy. My quibbles about this hat aside, I do think the turquoise blue  is a spectacular colour on Her Majesty. What do you think of this hat?

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn:  July 24, 2012 and July 4, 2010

Photos from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “The Queen Catches Some Cricket

  1. Is it me (my computer monitor) or is the blue of the hat a different shade than the blue of her skirt and trim on her coat? The blues look different to me.

  2. I like the hat. I even like the two white circles on it and the split brim. It makes the hat different than the usual flowers and feathers as decorations. Something a little different is always nice. Turquoise is my favorite color so that is a huge plus also. The Queen is adorable.

    • Turquoise is my favorite color, too, and the Queen always looks lovely in it. She is such a beautiful woman!

  3. I really didn’t like this last time she wore it to number 10, but it’s perfect for today in the sun. This dates back to the Canadian tour 3 years ago and there were some lovely new numbers she had then that haven’t been seen since; hope some of them get a whirl soon…

    • Thanks for the reminder that the Queen also wore this to No. 10 last summer. I just knew this was the third time we’d seen this hat but missed archiving a photo when she wore it last year. I so appreciate all of my dear eagle eyed readers!

  4. I am OK with this choice of hat…not a fan of the outfit however. She does look great in turq…but then it is one of the most universal colors – rare to find anyone who cannot wear it and wear it well. I grew tired of the tipped crown hats for a time because she seemed to wear them constantly without much variation for a time a few years ago…now she wears various crowns and brims…mostly all in the ‘bucket’ variety but they look good on her and I would think on bright days having a brim helps one not to squint so much – we never see her wear sunglasses but for a rare time at Windsor it seems. On a side note…know it’s been quite hot in England for England summer – 80degrees F is not hot for most of the US in summer…that said, this hat and the outfit color is very fresh looking. I love how 2 royals have made comments now they hope the new baby is bone by end of this week! And the queen wanting the baby born so it’s a done deal and she can go on vacation was too funny!

    • I think her outfit is real nice. Lilibet looks so summery and elegant. I think the print on her skit is very pretty. Kind of like polka dots but more interesting. I like when she wears pink and red but she looks real good in turquoise blue.

  5. It is a lovely colour on her, and with the white is nice and summery. Actually, I think the whole hat is not bad. The fact that all the “interest” – blow, buckle and split brim – is concentrated together, and does co-ordinate it well with the clothes, while the other side is plain, means that overall it doesn’t appear too fussy.

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