Three Queens in Belgium

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Belgium celebrated National Day today along with the installation of a new King and Queen (if you haven’t already heard, King Albert of Belgium abdicated in favour of his son, Prince Philipe). Compared to the coronations we’ve seen in some other countries, this was a comparatively low-key affair without any foreign royals present but there still were some wonderful hats!

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The new Queen, Belgium-born Queen Mathilde, looked her usually elegant self in a white Natan dress and rose beige hat by Fabienne Delvigne. According to the designer, the hat is named “Envolé” (which means flying) and “is made ​​from a blend of fibers of abaca and silk. The draped shape is reinforced with two asymmetrical sides and is made ​​from a carved openwork fabric. The hat is in beige color powder.”  I thought the shape had a lovely sense of movement and that the colour and the style of this hat was beautiful on Mathilde. It is simply stunning!

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Queen Paola (the outgoing queen, who retains her title but takes on a sort of Queen Mum role) was also in a Natan designed suit and Fabienne Delvigne designed hat. Her hat, a mocha brown straw classic pillbox, featured a criss-cross design. I was a little underwhelmed by the hat and did not think it complimented her green flowered dress and jacket very well (what exactly do “x”es have to do with pretty green flowers? I don’t get it). My quibbles aside, Paola looked very nice. She really should wear green more often because it is beautiful on her.

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Queen Fabiola (Queen Paola’s sister-in-law, dowager of King Baudouin) did not wear a hat. Dressed in bright pink, however, she joined Queen Mathilde and Queen Fabiola to create a poignant, unique and vibrant royal picture. While there have been other nations with three queens at once, Belgium is the only nation today able to make such a claim.

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The entire Belgian Royal attended today’s important celebration- you can see hats worn by other family members in this post. 

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19 thoughts on “Three Queens in Belgium

  1. I thought all the outfits worn by the Belgian women were lovely, and Mathilde and Paola were particularly elegant. I felt a strong sense of having seen Paola’s hat before, and she did wear it on National Day 2012. I think I preferred that outing, as the charcoal/ black coat was a better pairing for the colour. I particularly like the colour on Paola. Perhaps a lighter hat would have better suited the green, but this particular colour was wonderful on the very emotional Queen.
    Mathilde was both pretty and chic. I appreciate her classical choices, and when she introduces a twist with colour or pattern it is an added level of interest or unexpected fun.

  2. I need more time to think about this, but Paola’s hat is familiar to me, hasn’t she worn it before. Both the colour and criss-cross decoration ring a bell.

  3. I thought Mathilde looked every inch the queen, could see Maxima in that entire outfit too. But Claire s first hat looked like it was on the wrong way round.

  4. Love, love, love Queen Mathilde’s hat and dress. Actually love the whole ensemble! I am thrilled, just thrilled, Mathilde did not matchy matchy the color of her dress to the hat. I love the fact the colors are coordinated and complement each other. No match matchy for this new queen. She looked so elegant, adorable and happy! And Philipe looked so happy too.

  5. The hat worn by Queen Mathilde is so beautifully unique. It bring to mind the beautiful natural shapes and colours of life in a tropical corral reef. I know there has been some discussion of Queen Paola hat, but I think it works regardless the opposing colour and pattern, although I cannot say why.

    • I totally agree! Fabienne Delvigne is one of the best (she is an elegant and charming lady herself). And regarding Paola’s age, she looks wonderful in this vibrant green.

  6. I love Mathilde’s windswept hat! I loved the color and the design. Considering there were no tiaras or crowns I thought this was the next best thing.! Plus I like it because I have only seen anything like this on her. She has made it her own.

  7. I thought Mathilde looked exquisite today. I loved everything about her look – hat, dress, jewels and accessories. It makes me want both hats and gloves to make a comeback for dressy occasions!!

  8. I like Mathilde’s look but I really never ever liked turbans and got a big fill of ’em in the 50’s and 60’s and again when QEII pulled em back out and was incessantly wearing ’em like she tends to do with a hat shape she gets used to and keeps repeating it in every fabrication and color – we applaud her now because she can do no wrong at her age and all the work she still is doing daily pretty much. But I so would have rather have seen Mathilde wear something with zip parts of a turban….I soooo hope with this and the ones Maxima has been wearing don’t bring this look back again for lots of the royals – it needs to be buried and left to history!

    • got side tracked getting my post done and up – forgot to comment how very very 60’s Mathilde’s dress is – my gosh! I had one almost identical to it in the 60’s! Fabrication is a bit too bulky for summer and should have been a finer weave, lighter fabrication esp for outdoors in summer…the color is really nice however and I still adore this design despite it’s been around forever.

      • Hi beach gal we must be the same age because I also had a dress like this on in the 1960s! Mine was a yellow daisy print and I had a pillbox hat and gloves. I wish more young gals would ware a hat and gloves these days. The new queen here looks just beautiful.

  9. Isn’t this a great hat on Mathilde?! Really interesting but at the same time elegant and not too way-out. Paola’s hat was nice enough in itself, but didn’t really tie up with the outfit, as you said.

  10. I simply love this hat on Mathilde. In fact I love her whole look. She was radiant in white and stood out nicely on the balcony. Paola’s hat was understated elegance. But oh how I wish Fabiola would somehow manage to perch a hat on all that hair!!!

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