Funeral of Prince Johan Friso

The funeral of Prince Johan Friso of Orange-Nassau took place today in the small village of Lage Vuursche, on the outskirts of Utrecht. Drakesteijn Castle, the small private castle where Friso and his brothers grew up and where his mother, Princess Beatrix is planning to relocate, is nearby.

Princess Mabel wore a beautiful picture hat with a lattice mushroom brim and a large feather. Princess Beatrix wore a straw hat with flat crown and brim, trimmed with a band around the crown that folded into a large side bow.

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Queen Máxima repeated a simple black straw picture hat with squared crown. Princess Laurentien wore a black embellished straw beret.

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Our condolences are extended to the entire Dutch royal family for this devastating loss.

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9 thoughts on “Funeral of Prince Johan Friso

  1. Such a terribly sad event. I cannot even imagine the family’s grief. My prayers are with them all for healing and peace.

  2. Everyone looked so respectful and dignified – it’s a shame so many people have gotten away from wearing black to funerals. The children were beautiful in white – such a stark contrast to their elders – but a beautiful reminder that live does indeed go on – both here and beyond.

  3. My heart aches for them all. There was a photo of Princess Amalia, her face wrought with grief being comforted by her parents. I think this was a real display of dignity and grace. I admire the fact that the children were included in this important service and that they were all so appropriately dressed in mourning white. And of course, they all looked wonderfully elegant and poised. How inspiring they are!

  4. Thank you for the respectful way you wrote about this sad event. I think it is very beautiful how the children are dressed in white, like angels. My heart goes out to Princess Mabel. She has carried herself with such humility, grace and class through this tragic, horrible two years. I feel badly saying this but her hat is absolutely beautiful today. I hope she can grieve and eventually find healing and peace.

    • Yes, thank you. The last picture just broke my heart. No mother should have to burry a child. I surround Queen Beatrix in thoughts of caring love and peace today.

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