Monaco Royal Wedding

 Andrea Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Hanover and Monaco, and his longtime partner Tatiana Santo Domingo were married today at the Royal Palace in Monaco. The couple, who welcomed son Sascha earlier this year, live in London. Their civil wedding, which was a private affair, was very casual – hardly surprising for this informal and bohemian pair. Tatiana did not wear a veil or tiara but instead opted for a wreath of flowers in her hair (and what looks like sandals on her feet). It also appears that none of the guests were in hats. The lack of hats saddens me, of course, but I respect that these two had the wedding they clearly wanted. Their bright, happy faces make up for the lack of hats, don’t you think?!

UPDATE- Tatiana wore a different Missoni white lace dress for the evening reception following the civil wedding.

17 thoughts on “Monaco Royal Wedding

  1. I knew this was supposed to be a very low key affair – but hopefully with 400 guests for the pool-side lunchon held after the civil service, we will see photos coming out of who wore what…Hello Mag some how took a magnifying glass to those standing on the balcon shot released by the Palace (only 2 official pix released so far)…and reported Charlene wore a off-white dress that matched Prince Albert’s tie perfectly…and the mom of the groom wore a red dress. The grooms sis wore a light blue dress. We need waaaaay more details then this!!!

    • According to Hello Mag – says the bridal gown was’ hippie chic’ bridal gown by Missoni & she wore flat, silver sandals. it’s got to be horribly hot there this time of yr.

    • Missoni was totally expected. Two of Tatiana’s best friends are Margherita and Teresa Missoni, heiresses of the brand.

      • Tatiana and Margherita Missoni are both into the hippy chick vibe. Margherita’s wedding last year was totally couture hippy chick.

    • Well it wouldave looked real bad if she had turned up with a full church wedding dress and veil in white. She had a baby before marriage and this dress is much more appropriate.

  2. THAT”S IT????? I have been looking forward to this wedding for weeks and that’s seriously it? What a disappointment.

    • I don’t know why some people are so surprised. Tatiana’s style has always been bohemian/hippy chic and if she had shown up for her wedding in a lace dress with ruffled bottom like Princess Madeleine or a traditional wedding dress like Zara Phillips or demure lace like Kate it would have looked so wrong. She’s a barefoot earth mother type- that’s not a bad thing at all it’s just what she is. I was actually expecting a much more granola looking wedding dress with jingling beads or mirror cutouts and thought she looked much more polished and beautiful and much more “couture” than I thought she would.

    • This was a lot more than I expected. Keep in mind that this was only the civil wedding with a luncheon afterwards and the big wedding will be in January. Frankly, the fact that Tatiana wore a long white gown was pretty shocking to me and the fact that they even released photos was even more so. If you are let down by this, it seems to me that you dont know much about their style.

      • Good point. For Princess Charlene’s civil wedding, she wore a blue Chanel pantsuit. The Dutch Princesses who had civil and religious weddings on different days wore colorful day dresses and hats. Tatiana in a flowing white dress was much more “bridal” than many of her fellow royals.

      • I was also really disappointed until explained this was the registry wedding and the formal one is still coming up. It seems that they had a summer outdoor luncheon and this dress really suits that. They both look so happy. Too bad there weren’t any photos together with their baby.

      • I don’t like the whole hippy chic look but she does and I agree- best not to change your look on your wedding day. She’s actually smiling for once that that’s great to see.

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