Prince of Wales Honors Chief Rabbi

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales attended the induction ceremony of the new Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the UK and the Commonwealth. The ceremony for  Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis took place  today at St. John’s Wood Synagogue in London. Charles wore a traditional Jewish kippah (fittingly embroidered with the Prince of Wales crest) for this event.

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6 thoughts on “Prince of Wales Honors Chief Rabbi

  1. In my husband’s Reform synagogue in the US, the most common materials are satin, velvet and leather. They vary in size. The leather ones tend to be smaller, the black one in the second picture is an example. The satin and velvet are larger in size, as in the first picture. ( My son’s comment is that, “the larger ones are easier for inexperienced people to keep on their heads”.) Having personal embroidery is not common, but not rare.

  2. Looks too big for him – like someone made it for him who really had no idea how they should look/fit…and he keeps it to pull out for those occasions he needs to wear it – gads poor William will inherit it and we will see him in it at some point!

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