Danish Royal Couple Visit Wind Farm

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik interrupted their summer cruise to attend the inauguration of the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm today in between the islands of Grena and Anholt. She repeated a hat that is new here on the blog- a pale beige fedora-inspired hat with curved brim. While the shape is unique and interesting, the colour is a little bland and washed out for me. It works, however, for a windy day out at sea.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: September 6, 2012; June 8, 2012;

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7 thoughts on “Danish Royal Couple Visit Wind Farm

  1. I love the style of the hat, not the color. QM looks better in bright colors, like the red hat recently. This color washes her out and makes her look very pale, like she isn’t well, hope that is not the case. I really love her RED nails(I always wear red nail polish only for decades now) and what is that red ring, a giant maybe? I do think the scarf helps, love the pattern and colors, maybe a dark forest green color for the hat and suit would be better.

  2. Blergh. This hat and ensemble would put me to sleep without the scarf. And we all know that a scarf can’t save a BAD outfit.

  3. I suppose every royal needs one of these “goes with everything in fall winter and spring” neutral hats. I just think she’d look much better in a darker charcoal grey or chocolate brown. This dishwater beige is not a good color on her especially with a whole pantsuit in the same color.

  4. I also think this is flattering on her – I would look like a western Robin Hood in it – also I like the shade on her with the colors in the scarf…that bright, bright orange with the bright apple green and little bits of other colors peeking out is just lovely.

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