Danish Royals Cruise on to Vordingborg

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik continued their summer cruise aboard their yacht Dannebrog with a visit to Taiping in Vordingborg region today. Queen Margrethe repeated her red straw hat with square crown, rolled brim and ribbon embroidered daisy flower (so fitting for a queen whose name means “daisy”). It was a great to see her in colour after yesterday’s bland beige hat and the shape of this chapeau is lovely on her.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn:  June 7, 2013September 3, 2012 May 25, 2011; June 7, 2011; November 6, 2009; July 23, 2009; and June 2, 2009

Photos from Søren Schaadt Larsen  

5 thoughts on “Danish Royals Cruise on to Vordingborg

  1. The Queen looks fabulous, red should be her color. I want that hat, with the red daisy on it. The whole outfit is so pretty, she stands out in the crowd with this outfit and hat. This color makes her shine, it makes her skin glow, her eyes sparkle, her smile wider, come on Daisy wear this color more often. Since I buy hats, wear hats, collect hats, I really love this hat, it’s my favorite color and wide brimmed with a flower, what more could I want in a hat…nothing.

    • I couldn’t agree more. This is such a beautiful hat and beautiful outfit. I also like how her nail polish matches her hat and shoes!

    • All the Queens look so good in red hats I wish they would wear red more. Red is such a royal color and makes these gals stand out in a crowd. That daisy on her hat is real precious as her nickname is Daisy too! LOL!

  2. Great hat on her color and shape! She looks super! Again, so glad to see her continuing on in summer clothing – the rules are gone about after Sept 1st it’s fall clothing only…it’s so passe…esp if the weather is still nice…and where I live it’s the hottest part of the yr now all Sept that we get..I cannot bear to think of even long jeans on.

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