Prince Joachim and Princess Marie Commemorate Flag Day

Today is the the celebration of Flag Day in Denmark, a day that honors all those who were injured or lost in overseas military service. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended a remembrance ceremony at Kastellet (part of Copenhagen fortress) this afternoon. For the memorial, Prince Joachim wore military uniform while Princess Marie wore an black fasincator made of curled fabric petals. I believe this fascinator is new (it looks different than the one she wore back in April which I think, had some feathers) and I thought it looked very elegant on her, especially with her hair back in a chignon. What do you all think of this headpiece?

Princess Marie, September 5, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Princess Marie, September 5, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer:  unknown

Photo from Hanne Juul via Billed Bladet and Splash News via Corbis

18 thoughts on “Prince Joachim and Princess Marie Commemorate Flag Day

  1. I don’t like a lot of fascinators (they look silly to me on the head of a dignified royal lady) but this one is quite elegant. It doesn’t have feathers flying off in all directions which helps a lot. I think the whole outfit works well.

    • I’m all about discussing the merits and quirks of each hat and how it looks on a particular royal with a particular royal outfit. That discussion is fun! What’s not so fun is when it is transferred to discussing how each person looks. That’s not discussion I want to welcome here on the blog. So let’s keep it to hats!

      I’m curious- is there a hat style you think would add to Marie’s royal allure? Princess Mary has a fabulous black Susanne Juul hat she wears that seems most royal to me (see it here). What would you think if something like this on Princess Marie?

    • Oh – now I went back and did more then skim reading and see ‘their flag’ day is like Remembrance or Memorial Day…now I get the black.

  2. Marie certainly has all the grace and style one wants from a beautiful princess, doesn’t she? This tasteful fascinator is just another example of how well she’s carrying out her role these days. She’s a lovely young woman!

    • I agree with everyone here. She really looks regal and elegant today. I like it when princesses wear hats that still let us see their faces.

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