Queen Elizabeth at the Crathie Sale

Back in mid August, Queen Elizabeth attended the Crathie Kirk biennial hall sale. It took a while, but I managed to track down photos taken by a fellow sale visitor, Carol Hutton, who lives nearby and attends the sale each year. Carol has graciously and generously agreed to share her photos with us, asking only that readers here consider a donation to one of her most respected charities, Horse Back UK.

I originally thought this was a new hat for the Queen but again, after hunting back through my archives, found it was previously worn several years ago. It is a lovely cream straw hat with an asymetrical crown and cafe coloured lattice brim. I think it’s a wonderful hat on the Queen and I really like the delicate lattice brim (the absence of feathers, bows and frills makes the patterned brim stand out so beautifully on this hat).

Queen Elizabeth, August 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

What’s so amazing about these photos is that they show The Queen out and about, happily enjoying her local church sale – a rather normal moment for this woman who has lived such a remarkable life. Please join me in thanking Carol for sharing this amazing moment with us!

Queen Elizabeth, August 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Queen Elizabeth, August 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: unconfirmed.  
Previously Worn: November 9, 2007

Photos from Carol Hutton

22 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth at the Crathie Sale

  1. Thank you for your kind comments about the pictures. I particularly liked the stag brooch as it reflects the majestic, wild creatures roaming free up here; the English Royal Family enjoy a similar freedom unique to their time up here.

    • Lovely pictures, Carol. I myself hope to make it up to your fine area of the country next summer. I will have to time it to catch Her Majesty at the Crathie sale.

  2. I love the Queen in this beautifully tailored suit as others have noted. The hat compliments it perfectly! Over the last several years, it seems that her clothes have gotten increasingly fussy to the point where it really detracts from her overall look (IMO). I do love her outfits that show off tailoring, fabrics and textures without clutter.

    • It’s all the Angela Kelly fussy coats, dresses and hats that look so bad. To quote another commenter here, they look like amateur craft projects.

      • Yes, I agree. But when Angela began working for the Queen, she showed how gorgeous the Queen could look by keeping things simple and clean-lined. In fact that is what got me started on being a royalty fan — I saw such a change in the Queen and I got interested in looking at royal clothes. It was like a breath of fresh air after seeing the Queen dressed in such fusty clothes and horrible colors prior to that. Now, I can only assume as the years have passed that Angela has either gotten bored and feels the need to keep taking things to a new level or the Queen has requested more embellishment. Either way, it’s not the beautiful clean lined look that I admired when Angela first started. The clothes for the Queen’s Jubilee were especially horrible (IMO) because it looked to me like Angela kept trying to out-do herself and everything just got more and more fussy plus many of the fabric colors looked awful on the Queen. The Queen has beautiful clear skin and she looks best in colors that reflect that. Colors that are muted or have muddy undertones don’t do her any favors..

      • According to Google, Angela K started working for the Queen in 1994. Almost 20 years now. Wow, the time goes fast. Despite my complaining, I think the Queen is fortunate to have Angela. Angela is devoted to the Queen and the Queen looks better then she did under her old dresser and former nurse, Bobo MacDonald. Even as a child I used to wonder why the Queen wore such ugly clothes prior to Angela. It wasn’t that the clothes were all ugly back then, but the people choosing clothes for the Queen didn’t have an eye for colors or styles that would suit the Queen.

        • They clearly work very well together. I think the Queen’s trust in Angela’s designs (and her choice for Angela to design all the hats and outfits for the major Diamond Jubilee events) speaks volumes.

  3. She looks so swell here – that suit is a great cut on her – I wish she would wear this style more often – as another commenter said, most of her things are really shapeless – this is more tailored without being form fitting – the color is really good on her too. The hat – well I like the brim but the crown is a little too tall on the one side for my taste giving it too much presence for the softness the brim has…kind of two contrasts that don’t work in this case (for me)…balance in design is hard to achieve.

  4. These pictures are a real treat to view. Thank you, Carol Hutton. The Queen looks so ‘at home’ in these environs and I agree that the suit helps shows a slightly different aspect of her style. She looks relaxed and happy. Also, I would like to know how the minister was able to track down the purple/mauve clerical shirt to match the kilt!!

  5. A very good ensemble for the Queen, and slightly out of the ordinary for her. I like the brim, and the simplicity of the hat, and the way it echoes the suit without just copying. Thanks, Carol, for the photos.

  6. The hat brim is perfect although the crown looks a little too much like a melted (disformed) marshmallow. The Queen usually wears a shapeless coat with her hats and this tailored suit is such a nice change. A little tailoring goes such a long way.

    • Yes indeed. Thanks to Carol for these photos. I really like this hat. The tan colored brim goes so perfectly with the Queen’s houndstooth suit. It’s a gorgeous outfit on her.

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