Queen Elizabeth at Crathie Church

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended Crathie Church today close to Balmoral Castle. The Queen must have been digging through the closets of her Scottish home because she appeared in a hat I don’t believe she has worn since 2004. This hat, a slate blue picture hat with upturned brim on one side and grey feather side poof looks great in these photos- I was ready to declare this hat a winner until I looked at a detailed view from its last wearing here.  What do you think of this one?

Designer: unconfirmed. My guess is Philip Somerville
Previously Worn: May 16, 2004 

Photos from  Press Association 

15 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth at Crathie Church

  1. It’s a nice shape on her, an upswept brim is never unfashionable, the colour is like our Scottish sky (on a good day!) and the feathers remind me of the grouse and pheasant we shoot at this time of year. That she has kept it in her wardrobe for a decade means SHE likes it and that is what is most important 🙂

    • When she started having them made by Rachel Trevor Morgan, they got lots and lots better. The problem is she still has some made by Angela Kelly. This one isn’t as bad as a lot of others.

  2. I think beachgal has it right…whats disconcerting about this hat (especially in the older photos) is if you add veiling and a little printed chiffon, it IS one of the Queen Mum’s hats! It looks like she is wearing her mother’s hat. Perhaps worst of all is that HM can wear a decade old hat and have it mistaken for new…one appreciates her mature and classic style, but would love HM’s new things contemporized just a tiny bit — (without a forced march into craft project land!)

  3. I like it; don’t looove it. Nothing fancy or bold. Just a hat. But I also think it is terrific that she keeps up the standard of wearing a hat to church.

  4. I don’t think it’s all that bad…but it does remind me a lot of hats the Queen Mum used to wear. Maybe my impression it leaves me with is that it needs to go to charity – it’s really a dated look. That said, hard to tell from the distance the photos are and the photos being of inside the car. I do like the color on her however – that slate blue gray is nice and esp as a transition color into fall.

  5. I like this hat in these pictures. I clicked on the older picture and I see what you mean. I still think it’s very nice that the Queen wears a hat even just to go to church in the country.

    • I was going to write a comment about how much I liked this hat and then I read your comment about the older picture so I had to check it out. Somehow, it looks a lot better now than it did then. Are we sure it’s the same hat?

  6. Can’t give you a reason why, but I like it. The proportions are balanced, the upturned brim and the color are flattering, and the contrast in texture, especially the trim around the brim, break up what would otherwise be a more mundane offering.

  7. I think you got your feathers ruffled bbout this hat but I think it’s real nice! LOL! That shade a blue is real nice for fall.

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