Belgian Royal Couple in Wavre

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium continued their tour through the provinces of their country with a visit to Wavre today. Mathilde repeated a black and white statement hat described by the designer as “a very fine hat, made ​​from banana fiber gelammerde white and black embroidered.”

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I think this hat, which looks like a very similar shape to the orange design Queen Máxima wore last week, is a great proportion for Mathilde. The shape is a unique as far as hats go but I think it still works very well, especially in a classic black and white colour scheme. I like this hat very much and am curious about what you, dear readers, think of it?!

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: July 21, 2012

Photos from Getty as indicated

26 thoughts on “Belgian Royal Couple in Wavre

  1. This hat is a wonderful confection. Interesting from the front with the black trim adding definition. the rolled side looking very flattering . . . and the back? Well that is sheer magic!

  2. Oh what a really beautiful Queen, hat and entire outfit. She looks so chic and elegant. One of my very favorite Queens, she is such a gorgeous lady, so pretty and radiant. Her hat is dainty and goes with the outfit which is beautiful, this is such a perfect outfit.

  3. This is one of those hats that mightn’t quite work if one analyzes the specific elements….but as a whole, it’s charming and works perfectly (especially if seeing her wear it in motion…rather than focusing on a slightly bad angle in one photograph). Call MrFitzroy crazy (he’s been called worse) — but wouldn’t something like this — crisp, graphic, modern, but still referencing past eras — look absolutely fabulous on Queen Elizabeth? She could certainly pull it off! (Sorry for changing the subject — but wouldn’t it!!)

  4. I like this hat much better than the orange one that Queen Maxima wore. This hat looks great on Mathilde. Perhaps because it is two colors so you can see the detail much better than the solid bright orange that Max wore.

  5. This is a most interesting hat and I love it at first sight. It is simple, elegant and memorable. It amused me that viewed directly from the front the black outline makes it looks like the hat is drawn on her head with a marker! This one definitely joins my list of very good thinking-out-of-the-box hats.

  6. I think she looks nice in this hat, however I prefer the hat when viewed from the side and back as opposed to the front. She has such an elegant sense of style. She almost always gets it right.

  7. Queen Mathilde wore this for National Day last year (she was still Princess Mathilde then). I loved the hat then and I love it now!

  8. I really like the contrast between the pleated shape that is very soft and organic, and the colors, which are more formal. The fabric has a nice sheen to it too, giving a nice dimension.

  9. I am a fan of Queen Mathilde, she’s ever so elegant. But as far as this hat is concerned…I like the material and the colour, but the shape is awful: it looks as though somebody sat on it!

    Huubke from the Netherlands

  10. Queen Mathilde is one of my favorite royals! I love this hat — the shape and color are lovely on her. Your blog is so interesting. I’m trying to catch up now on all the blog entries. Thanks for the most interesting posts!

  11. I adore this hat! It’s just perfect – great proportions and fits with her hair style really well. I think maybe the folds and bends of the fabric show more clearly then last week’s Max hat did is due to the color…you can see though the off white/straw color on this one and you therefore see the design more clearly then on the orange ‘folded napkin’ one of last week – and I was one who did not think the orange one Max wore was that bad…I liked it – but I love this one!

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