British Royals Attend van Cutsem Funeral

Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Prince Harry attended funeral of family friend Hugh van Cutsem at Brentwood Cathedral in Essex today. Camilla chose a new hat today, a black straw woven hat with a diagonal large rolled brim and bow on one side. It is one of the most simple hats she has ever worn; I thought it looked very good on her and was very fitting for the occasion.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: “Foxtrot” model from the Lock & Co. spring/summer 2013
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Gloucester repeated a black velvet beret.

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21 thoughts on “British Royals Attend van Cutsem Funeral

  1. Dare one say, that in recent memory, this is the best the Duchess of Cornwall has ever looked! Everything about this works, and not just because it’s black. LOVE the hat, works perfectly with the suit and vice versa. As much as she’s fun in her giant feathered cartwheels or yards of woven straw, an elegant, edited, smaller chapeau is just fantastic on her. The concern and care on her face in the second photo glancing at Charles, is incredibly endearing. She’s really come in to her own.

  2. Very lovely hat, she looks really chic in this hat. In fact the whole outfit and even the color look good on her. And the jacket makes her look so slim, hope she wears this style more often. Did anyone notice the lady behind Camilla in the pink robe with the white hair? She is giving dirty looks to someone and not a happy camper at all.

  3. The Duchess of Cornwall is absolutely lovely. She looks very nice in this hat. It is an unusual look for her but it suits her well.

  4. Black is her color. That smaller hat than she usually wears is nice I must admit. The suit teamed with it makes her look much slimmer than she actually is (unless she has been on a diet). Must admit she looks nice. Her tan from her vacation on the yacht helped too. Is that a walking stick insect brooch? Sure looks like one.

  5. I also really like this hat – it looks great on the Duchess and would be one that many other folks could wear. We don’t see her in black very often…only seems to me like Remembrance Day we see her in black…that and of course funerals.

    • I think Camilla is sticking to the same dress code as the Queen – black is symbolic, so it isn’t worn except when that symbolism is apposite. Most younger royals of all royal families don’t feel bound by the same dress code, and tend to see black as merely another optional fashionable colour. I really like this hat! Unusual for the Duchess, but suits her well, and rings the changes.

    • This is such a pretty hat. Often the hats royals wear to funerals are so heavy looking but this one looks very nice. It really suits her hair.

  6. I really like this hat. Sometimes Camilla’s hats have too many feathers and this one is so nice on her especially with her hairstyle.

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