Queen Máxima Opens Fries Museum

Queen Máxima opened the new Fries Museum in Leeuwarden today and repeated the pale pink turban that will be familiar to most readers here.

Embed from Getty Images

From the side, this hat is more of a calot shape; from the front as I think it frames Máxima’s face beautifully.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: May 24, 2013; January 21, 2013; April 29, 2011

Photos from Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Fries Museum

  1. Ruth 4663 says it best, *messy bandages*, this does not do her justice, the color is wrong, the style, and the size. It makes her head look bigger as it’s almost the same color as her hair. Her dress and jewelry are very chic, not that cloth on her head.

  2. The color looks washed out in this photo- other times she wore this hat it looked darker pink in photographs. I think this pale color gets completely washed out by the vibrant green of her dress. She always looks so good…. I think the reason why is she has the most beautiful smile in the world and it makes everything she wears (even the really weird stuff) look great.

  3. Oh, love your description! Exactly! I too, like it from the front especially, and I do like that her hair is up . Something is not right about the neckline fit of her top and that thing on her shoulder looks scary.

  4. Did not like this hat first time you showed it – like it even less now…it really does look like mummy linen wrapping. I am not a fan of turbans…QEII did me in on them in the 60’s and she wore them on into the 70s…some huge ones. Princess Grace also was a big turban wearing fan in the 60’s as well. Certainly that huge ‘thing’ broach sitting on her shoulder is very odd. I like her dress – it fits with what she has been wearing of late – that 60’s split dress/top set with the skirt we used to call a dirdel skirt in the 60’s – meaning it had a little bell to it – very forgiving for the belly if you have one. They were easy to make – speaking of that…the hat could be a good inspiration for someone who needs a Halloween costume! Oh I hope she does not keep repeating this one but fear she will because it’s neutral in color and will go with anything long as she puts neutral coordinating nude shoes and purse with it.

  5. Queen Maxima has a great sense of style. I love the dress and her jewelry (especially the pin). As for the hat, now I know where my ACE bandage is!

  6. Max’s dress is a pretty color on her. And her jewelry is both cool and fun. The hat, looks like messy bandages. Odd color choice also. Don’t care for this one.

  7. It’s a real pretty pink hat with soft layers that I think looks real nice. I like best when she had the diamond stars on it for Will & Kate’s wedding.

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