Tindalls Step Back in Time at Goodwood Revival Festival

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall attended the Goodwood Revival Festival today in Chichester, England. They were photographed with pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor who, on November 1, will fly the Boeing Steerman ‘Spirit of Artemis’ 7000 miles from Cape Town in South Africa to Goodwood in the UK. This flight will recreate the pioneering journey of Irish aviatrix Lady Mary Heath in 1928. To support the historical significance of this upcoming event (and the revival nature of the festival), Zara and Mike wore 1920’s era costume. Zara topped off her flapper pearls with a repeated a black wool cloche hat trimmed with a double leather bands and buckles while Mike sported a vintage military cap and uniform. They look very smart, don’t they?!

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Suwha Hong
Previously Worn: March 19, 2010

Photos from Getty as indicated

13 thoughts on “Tindalls Step Back in Time at Goodwood Revival Festival

    • Thanks for the link! I have been working on this hat- I know it’s not a new one but am having trouble identifying it because I don’t think the Queen has worn it in the past 10 years. There will be a post about this hat coming up this week!

  1. This is interesting. I generally think hats (at least with brims) look better when worn with a tilt over one eye. The exception to this is cloche hats, which I picture very much of the 1920s, and worn straight, not tilted. So it may be because I am so programmed by seeing pictures from then that the tilt on Zara’s hat just looks wrong to me! But a nice overall impression.

    • Zara always looks good in hats with small brims. fascinators, fedoras. She’s got such a lovely smile and complexion to carry brimless hats well.

    • I don’t like how the hat is longer on one side than the other. When she wore it last, it was straighter on her head and even then, one side was quite a bit longer.

  2. Zara’s hat is fitting into a 20’s theme but gads..she dress sure is not – not too sure if I would have put this together this way…it needs something a little more to look like she is not a miss-mash of things – but then maybe she did not want to wear fringe or anything real costume like…but ya would think even with her ‘belly’ she could have matched up something better with the hat other then just the knotted pearls.

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