Swedish Ruby Jubilee Part 2

The celebration mass in honor of King Carl Gustaf’s Ruby Jubilee yesterday was also attended by members of his extended family and two other European monarchs. Norway and Sweden have close ties so it was no surprise to see King Herald and Queen Sonja. Queen Sonja repeated a dove grey picture hat trimmed with a meandering curled ribbon around the brim. It would not be my first choice of colour for her to wear but I like the shape of the hat very much. This hat is at least 13 years old and has stood up quite well, don’t you think?

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: January 20, 2009; April 24, 2004, July 11, 2000

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark are both fellow monarchs and extended family members  (Queen Margrethe and King Carl Gustaf are first cousins) and it was also no surprise to see them in Stockholm as well. Margrethe repeated a bright turquoise blue hard-shell beret style hat trimmed in twirling blue feathers. It’s a quirky hat that I like very much on Margrethe- she looks great in blue and the shape of this hat does not make her look bald, unlike many of her other hats. I also suspect this costume designing Queen likes a little bit of creative whimsy in her wardrobe and this whirlybird certainly delivers.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: September 6, 2011;  April 29, 2011April 14, 2011April 16, 2010

King Carl Gustaf’s four sisters were also in attendance but the only one in millinery was Princess Christina. And what a piece of millinery it was! Christina sported a black headpiece made of long, individual petals…. or propeller blades? Whatever it was, I was not a fan.

Princess Christina’s daughter-in-laws were the only other extended family members in hats and both sported a pair of grey fascinators. Emma Magnuson, wife of Christina’s son Oscar, wore a demure grey bow trimmed with a fabric rose and feathers. As far as fascinators go, this one was neither offensive nor particularly memorable.

Vicky Andren, who recently married Christina’s son Gustaf, wore an explosion of pale grey feathers. It’s a very fun headpiece but one I didn’t think fit particularly well with her elegant navy dress and jacket. I suppose, however, as the newest member in the extended Swedish royal family, it’s a good starting point. It is more of a millinery statement than Crown Princess Victoria made so we’ll give her points for that!

The Ruby Jubilee was a much lower key event than Queen Margrethe’s Ruby Jubilee last year; I suppose the Danes are a glitzier bunch while the Swedes may have used up their annual quotient of glitter back in June for Princess Madeleine’s wedding. Nevertheless, there were also some lovely hats yesterday- which one was your favourite?

Photos from Getty as indicated; Sven Lindwall via Expressen; and Dutch Photo Press 

6 thoughts on “Swedish Ruby Jubilee Part 2

  1. Hummm, not one of those hats works for me, they are either dull, boring, or can’t find a word for the hat On Princess Christina, oh what was she thinking. c v

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t like any of these hats. The curled ribbon on the brim of Queen Sonja’s hat looks odd and I don’t think gray is her color. Queem Margrethe’s hat is overpowered by the feathers wrapped around those chopstick things and that black flower thing is just plain weird.

    • I totally disagree. Queen Margrethe and Queen Sonja’s hats are gorgeous. I really love the twisted ribbon on Queen Sonja’s hat brim.

  3. MrFitzroy thinks the world of Princess Christina….but heavens, that hat looks like a shredded Philodendron leaf that has been spray painted black…..points for being a bit daring, but next time try for daring AND attractive!

  4. My favorite hat was the one worn by Queen Margrethe. This blue hat suits her very well. Queen Sonja also looked very nice, but I would have preferred a different color – maybe a soft pink or blue instead of gray. Princess Christina needs to take that giant dead daisy off of her head and that is as nice as I can be about her “hat.”

    • I prefer Queen Sonja’s hat to Queen Margrethe’s hat. They both have some very creative elements but I Queen Sonja’s hat’s works better. Maybe it’s the brim that makes it more balanced. Queen Margrethe’s hat looks like a Mardi Gras special to me! We are all agreed that there’s just not much nice to say about Princess Christina’s hat!

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