Prinsjesdag 2013

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima, Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien attended the Dutch Opening of Parliament today in The Hague. Queen Máxima wore a gold straw picture hat with a diagonally raised brim on one side. This hat is very similar to the pink one she wore to this event in 2010 and as such, I was a little disappointed. It looks great on her but we’ve seen it a few times before.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne

Princess Laurentien wore a navy blue straw Garbo style hat trimmed in lace and a large pale grey feather. While the feather placement was a little distracting for me, the shape and colour of this hat were wonderful on Laurentien.

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Designer: Eudia

While the hats today were lovely, I missed seeing Princess Beatrix and Princess Margriet on the balcony as they have in past years. What did you think of these two hats today?

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20 thoughts on “Prinsjesdag 2013

  1. Both look stunning, but in this case Laurentien is most surprising and is styled really well! Love the lace embroidery on the brim and love the airiness of the feathers and hatpin. Btw, the Dutch Elle website seemed to know the designer.

  2. Oh Dear, not a great color on her. She blends in with the color gold…it’s tooo pale on her. I really don’t like the gown, it looks tacky to me, the hat is okay, same style as before(pink hat), (almost purple hat 2013). I was wishing she would wear a bolder color, something that makes you take notice, this didn’t. Oh how I miss Queen Bea, I really do admire her very much. Is there a reason she is not there? Couldn’t she still be there with her son and his wife?

  3. On it’s own, I agree that the hat is not a new look. The whole picture however is fabulous. THIS is how to do gold! A more intricate hat would not have worked with this fabulous dress. Jan Taminiau hit it out of the park….Again.

  4. It is a nice hat, but as others have said – we’ve seen it before. I love the design on the dress, but I wish it were in a different color. I, too, was hoping for a shade of blue like beachgal.

  5. I do like the color and the overall look today. I keep thinking the hat would work better if the fabric were more sheer. As it is it just looks too heavy.

  6. Queen Maxima – hair yes – makeup yes – jewelry yes – dress yes – purse yes – hat NO. I like Princess Laurentien’s hat, but she needs to burn that dreadful feather!

  7. I think Queen Maxima looked amazing today. Gold is such a stylish color in this moment and she glows in gold from head to toe. And I like very much the hat is away from her face so you can see her expression and diamond jewels. Laurentien also looks very beautiful. I like her hat very much.

  8. I LOVE IT! GOLD, guys! She did it! For a beginning as Queen, it is briliant.
    But, well, I agree that the hat is no surprise and a bit disappointing for this reason. But this shape looks so great on Maxima. I just hope it won’t become her signature hat just as cake-hats have become Beatrix’ only kind of headgear.

    • I knew it wouldn’t be blue- she’s going to give her epic coronation look space before repeating that shade of blue again! I was secretly hoping for gold and my oh my did Maxima deliver! The gown, the hat, the jewellery- magnificent. Her fashion since becoming queen has hardly had a misstep. Magnificent.

  9. HatQueen…MrFitzroy had the exact same first thought — we have seen this before, more than once. Second thought was: from certain angles it looks like she is wearing a big salad bowl on her head…a very chic salad bowl, but nicoise none-the-less. Dress was great, accessories and hair lovely…but the hat should have been MORE. Still, a good 7 or 8 overall, but given how spot on she was for the inauguration, one expected a 10 or 11!

  10. I love that gold on Max, that dress is beautiful, though in one shot it does ad a bit of bulk to the waist… She could have got a new titfer though!

    And Lauretien’s hat is a stunner, but she’s breaking the golden royal rule; you can’t see her face! I do like the stray jaunty feather though!

  11. Oh boo-hoo! I am also very disappointed…not only in the hat but the color of the hat and the dress. Not her best look at all. I so thought she would wear a fall correct shade of blue – maybe not brilliant royal but a dusty royal blue.

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