Queen Máxima’s Hats at Prinsjesdag

Tomorrow is Prinsjesdag, the opening of Dutch Parliament. It’s a special day not only because the monarch will address a joint session of the Dutch Senate and House of Representatives in The Hague but because the royal family will attend in 18th century dress (that’s when Prinsjesdag began and the dress code has not been changed!). That, dear readers, means we will enjoy one of the very few royal engagements where the dress code is length gowns with hats! Here is a look at all of Queen Máxima’s Prinsjesdag hats and headpieces:

Prinsjesdag Hats as Crown Princess


A red feathered Philip Treacy headpiece in 2002; a retro pink pillbox in 2003; grey feather fascinator in 2004


An upswept Fabienne Delvigne picture hat in 2005; a delicate rose headpiece in 2006


Frothy metallic threaded Fabienne Delvigne creation in 2007; Purple picture hat with silk flowers by Berry Rutjes in 2008; Fuchsia dotted veil headpiece of unknown design in 2009

  Sep 21, 2010 in FD | Royal Hats     

 Pale pink sidesweep hat in 2010, stylised fedora in 2011 and magenta sidesweep in 2012 all from Fabienne Delvigne

Prinsjesdag Hats as Queen


A gold straw upswept brim picture hat in 2013 and red silk calot hat in 2014, both designed by Fabienne Delvigne:
a Jan Taminau designed wreath headpiece of embroidered flowers in 2015

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An upswept Fabienne Delvigne picture hat in Parabuntal straw in 2016; a slate blue silk brocade ruched pillbox of unknown design in 2017; buff straw sideswept saucer of unknown design with silk flowers and pheasant feathers in 2018

A claret felt Philip Treacy beret in 2019; a wired gold headpiece in 2020 and pleated calot turban in 2021, both by Fabienne Delvitgne

Looking at this group of hats, there is a little bit of everything- feathers, flowers, brims, no-brims, bows, net, embellishment, non-embellishment, straw, fabric and wool. There are large hats and small, delicate headpieces. Which pieces stand out most to you?

Photos from Jasper JuinenMark CuthbertMichel Porro, Mark Cuthbert,  Alain Benaious, Julian Parker, and Mark Cuthbert all via Getty;  Bauer Griffin via ZimbioDutch Photo Press;  Mark Cuthbert via Getty; Patrick van Katwijk via Dutch Photo PressMichel Porro via Getty: Patrick van Katwijk and Rpe/Albert Philip Van Der Werf/dpa via Corbis; Patrick van Katwijk, Patrick van Katwijk, Patrick van Katwijk and Patrick van Katwijk/BSR Agency/WireImage via Getty

28 thoughts on “Queen Máxima’s Hats at Prinsjesdag

  1. I think this is an occasion where one can have different opinions on the hats (and outfits) taken in isolation, and how they work for the particular event for which they are worn. For example, I really like the crumpled beige straw from 2007 (it seems to me to give a nod in the direction of mediaeval Netherlandish headgear, albeit for men then!). I also like the pale pink hat and dress from 2010. But I think they are too insipid in colour for an occasion which involves waving to people from a distance (a balcony etc). Athough there are some other good hats, my vote for the most effective hat and outfit for this occasion has to go to last year, because not only is it good in itself, a wonderful colour and such a flattering formal hat shape, but it is very well-suited for the requirements of the event, bright and visible from a distance, and not shielding her face from the crowds. My least favourite is definitely the homburg; I’m not that fond of it anyway, but here it really Does Not Go.

  2. I see a split here of traditional hats (2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011) and modern hats (2004, 20007, 2010, 2012) Between these two, I have to go with the modern hats. I think each of these four are amazing.

  3. She looks good in a lot of different hats. I like the rusty colored one in 2005 with the curled up brim part. That’s a beautiful hat. I don’t like the hats with the brim going straight up on one side and down on the other. They look lopsided to me.

  4. Oh my very favorite is year 2002, the red one. She looks best in red, it brings out her personality, her joy, her love of who she is and what she has become, it makes her shine. I also like the deep purple one she wore last year, that color is great one her. I think she will wear *Blue*, blue is not a color that I really like, it’s cold to me, I love warm colors. Regardless of what she wears, it will be a winner, she never fails to make us go awwwwwwwwwwwwww, how beautiful she is. Love her and her hubby and girls, what a great example of family life, the way they love each other.

    • She looks nice in red but I just am feeling my love for the pillbox in pretty pink. I can’t think of another hat that makes a queen look more like a queen.

  5. I love the last three hats, diagonal pink picture hat in 2010, brown Homburg-stye hat in 2011 and the magenta wool hat in 2012. Yes I do like the brown Homburg-style hat. It may look like a ranch hat (or farm) but it looks stupendous on Max!

  6. oh, what color about tomorrow? I wonder if she might do that amazing blue that she did at their crowning, not sure what it was called, but certainly was spectacular!

  7. She seems able to do a lot of styles with grace, but I think she looks especially good in the wide brim ones-she can do big hats like Camilla can. I agree about the Homburg. Wrong place for it, but it looks good on her!

  8. I also like the 2002 red facinator – hard like you said to pick a top fav…my guess for what color she will wear tomorrow is blue…she has never worn blue to this event…she got the world talking when she wore royal blue to the inaugural investiture -but she has not worn much blue since then…I think she planned this long time ago and has kept her clothing away from what color she really wanted to reserve for her first Prinsjesdag. Whatever she does wear – I am sure it will be stunning – long as she does not get on one of those turbans!!!

    • Oh and I also like the 2010 diagonal pink picture hat – that shows up her face vs shielding it – I don’t think she will wear anything that is really wide, downturned brim – she will want her face to glow in the photos in the good lighting.

    • I love the pink hats with diagonal brims Max wore in 2010 and 2012. They were both perfect for the gowns those years.

      I also hope she’ll be in blue…. maybe even the incredible blue gown (she wore for the enthronement? I would love to see her wear that gown again. Maybe this time without the cape?

    • I also think she’ll wear blue tomorrow. It’s lovely on her and a national color on her.
      I loved her pink embroidered dress and fascinator in 2009.

  9. I also like the purple one and the browny-orange one from 2005. Queen Maxima is one of the only people I’ve ever seen who looks good in orange. I also like the shape of that hat.

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