Swedish Opening of Parliament

The Swedish Royal Family were all in attendance yesterday for the Opening of Parliament. The day began with an inter-religious service at the Cathedral in Stockholm. In years past, the family has worn black and white and they continued this tradition for yesterday’s event. Queen Silvia wore what at first glance looked to be a large white pillbox wrapped in layers of gossamer straw. Upon closer inspection, however, the hat turned out to be a giant white doughnut with a huge bow at the back. From the front, I thought she looked lovely. The view from the back, however, was an entirely different question.

Designer: unconfirmed. I strongly suspect Fabienne Delvigne

Crown Princess Victoria also wore a hat but to much greater success! Her rigid black wool beret was trimmed with wool buttons and a single, curled feather. I don’t believe we have seen Victoria in a beret before and I thought this shape looked great on her. I just wish her hair would be a little less severe.

Designer: unknown

Princess Madeleine skipped hats altogether and went with a large black Chanel-type bow around her chignon. While it’s not a hat, the look on her is quite classic and elegant.

Crown Princess Victoria has my pick for best hat of this bunch. What do you think?

Photos from Corbis

9 thoughts on “Swedish Opening of Parliament

  1. I think CP Victoria is great and so is Prince Daniel…I just don’t like their matching slicked back severe hairstyles. They both seem like relaxed and warm people but the hair doesn’t reflect that.

  2. I have to agree with the comments already here. I wonder why Princess Victoria wears her hair in such a severe style. Actually, it’s not really a style is it? Madeleine wins it for me.

  3. I liked Princess Madeleine’s look best even though her bow was not a hat. I thought she looked elegant. Queen Silvia looked very nice too. I liked the front view of her hat and the bow in the back, but I was not a fan of the hole in the top of her hat! Crown Princess Victoria is a lovely lady, but I do not like her look at all! I think it made her look like a prison matron. She does have cute shoes though.

    • Prince Maddy looked real elegant today like a French model type girl in that hair bow. I woulda really like the white queen hat if it had a topper on top.

  4. Like you – love Queen Silvia’s hat from the front – but ugh, the hole in the middle – or lack of a crown just wrecks it! Looks old and worn out when I see it from that angle – not at all attractive. Maybe we are seeing more of these donuts hats because they are cheaper to make/buy? I would think they would be easy to wear and not cause much hat hair either. Not liking Victoria’s look at a – she looks like she’s in the military with a military beret on – maybe it’s one you need to see in person to always catch that feather.

  5. I am afraid Princess Victoria looks too much like a 1960’s era Stewardess for my liking. I do wish she would stop making herself look so old and severe. In fact, in this case I am going to have to vote for Madeleine’s bow as the least offensive “hat”.

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