Luxembourg Royal Wedding: The Groom’s Extended Family

Prince Felix’s paternal extended family wore some memorable hats today. One of my favourites was the folded grey crin hat chosen by Archduchess Marie Astrid of Austria (Grand Duke Henri’s sister). This hat was so interesting in both shape and the way it complimented her icy blue dress- a good, albeit very modern look for her.

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Marie Astrid’s two daughters both chose feathery fascinators for their cousin’s wedding. Countess Marie-Christine de Limburg-Stirum wore a straw bow loop fascinator tucked behind one ear.

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Archduchess Gabriella wore a looped burgundy bow with fly-away feathers. I particularly liked Gabriella’s fascinator with her ecru lace dress (and matching scarlet shoes!)

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Marie Astrid’s two daughter-in-laws also choose fascinator headpieces. Archduchess Kathleen of Austria wore a light headpiece of navy organza bubbles (I think there’s also some gold ribbon or feathers tucked in there as well) that I thought was a little too twee. Navy certainly is a great colour on her, however, isn’t it?

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Archduchess Adelaide of Austria, chose a white and pink saddle-curve headpiece trimmed in pink curling ribbons and white feathers.

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Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein (also a sister of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg) wore a spiky feathered headpiece on the crown of her head. This headpiece appeared to match the colours of her lovely shawl but I had a hard time making sense of the orange dress in between. The placement of this headpiece also reminds me far too much of a bad toupee.

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Princess Margaretha’s two daughters, Princesses Annunciata  (left) and Princess Astrid of Liechtenstein,  wore lavishly trimmed cocktail hats to top their golden frocks.

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Countess Diane of Nassau, wife of Grand Duke Henri’s brother, Jean, wore a dramatic picture hat woven in tan and black zebra stripes. A black organza band and bow around the crown completed the hat. It is a a boldly creative hat but I think the pattern is too busy with her striped dress. I love stripes but this is just too much.

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Prince Jean’s first wife, Helene Vesture, was also in attendance in a fascinator headpiece of curling pink and tan feathers. (not a figure normally covered here, she remains the groom’s aunt)

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Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg, wife of Grand Duke Henri’s youngest brother Guillaume, wore a vibrant turquoise picture hat with a squared crown and gently upturned grim on one side. There appeared to be some fabric detail (leaves? flowers? unidentified bunchy bits?) and feathers trimming the crown. This is another hat I wish I could love but something about the size and shape was a little off.

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13 thoughts on “Luxembourg Royal Wedding: The Groom’s Extended Family

  1. Archduchess Marie-Astrid’s grey hat is so modern, clean and such a beautiful style statement. I love it on her.
    I also really love Countess Diane’s dress. It’s SUCH a style statement with the striped dress and orange accessories. So bold and fierce.

    • I do not think that hat is flattering at all. It looks like a pointed folded grey napkin on her head.

      The more hats I see here, the more I think that mature women look best in a hat with a brim. The brim is so much more flattering. The last two hats are beautiful. The striped one is so creative and unique.

  2. I really like Countess Diane of Nassau’s hat, but she needed a solid color dress (black). Princess Sibilla’s hat was ok. I think it would have been better with a rounded crown instead of the square crown and also with her hair up. Archduchess Gabriella’s fascinator was quite lovely (normally I do not care for fascinators). Princesses Astrid and Annunciata of Liechtenstein horrid – and I will leave it at that. Archduchess Marie Astrid of Austria was quite lovely and elegant. I liked her hat very much. My favorite hats were Countess Diane (with a different dress) and Archduchess Marie Astrid (total look hat and dress).

    • I also really like the striped hat. I think it would be beautiful with a solid coloured dress.
      I think the crown part on Princess Sibilla’s head is too small and makes the hat sit up high on her head. It it was sitting a little lower, I think it would look completely different.

  3. The wife of a British politician (can’t remember which one) wore a hat like Marie-Astrid’s to Kate and William’s wedding, except she wore it flat on the top of her head. It looked rather odd. Love it though on Marie-Astrid with it more at an angle. Her outfit is lovely too and overall she looks very elegant.

  4. Love the folded gray one on the groom’s side of the family. Marie Astrid’s two daughters in their facinators are looking great. The other 2 daughter’s in law of her’s..not feeling their facinators. The Zebra hat is way too much like you said not only with the dress in stripes but then add in the red shoes and purse..too many things pulling my eyes all over the place..I want to like it but end result for me is a failure. I agree with the turq. hat, something off and like others have said, cannot put my finger on what that is. Maybe it’s too large for her head size? Maybe it needs Camilla kind of hair to pull it off? I don’t know. But it’s also a miss.

  5. I love Gabriella’s red fascinator with the cream dress and red shoes. The shape of the fascinator is much nicer (ie less weird) than all of the others. I love the idea of matching the colour of your hat with your shoes! So cute.

    • This young girl looks so nice in her lace dress, her hair in a nice updo and the read hat. I don’t much care for these featherey headpiecers but she looks real pretty. And her mama the Archduchess looks so beautiful with her hat and her dress and her purse and necklace all matching together.

  6. I’d love to see the “zebra” hat with a LBD or a dress in the tan shade, that would have been spectacular. The red accessories are head scratchers. I agree about the turquoise hat, there is just something a little bit off, but I can’t put my finger on what.

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