Luxembourg Royal Wedding: Immediate Families

 Claire’s mother, Gabriele Lademacher (who arrived with Grand Duke Henri) chose a flat, pale grey-blue, brimless straw hat with a rounded crown and white veil to compliment her Dior suit in the same colour. While it looked like a little too close to veiled hubcap on her head, I still thought it was chic and quite elegant. This hat was made by Berlin-based millinery designer Fiona Bennett.

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Grand Duchess Maria Teresa arrived with Prince Felix in head-to-toe bright pink. I believe her hat is a bespoke version of Philip Treacy’s “Wave” style beret in silk with an additional pink bloom. The whole ensemble read as  “cheesy mother-of-the-groom meets Vegas showgirl”. I think a hat in a contrasting colour and worn with her hair down would have been a better choice.

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Princess Stéphanie wore an abstract pale turquoise blue straw hat edged in taupe trim. This hat seems to be generating a lot of criticism but I like the interesting flower shape. I’m just not sure it was the best hat to wear with her lace coat dress (by Belgian designer Stephanie Le Grelle).

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Princess Tessy also wore a dramatic statement hat in deep aubergine. Initially, I thought this hat looked like her head sprouted wings but it seems to now be growing on me (a relief, since I really, really want to love this hat!)

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Princess Alexandra did not wear a hat (she attended the bride) and instead, tucked some fresh greens into her hair.

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Which hats here stand out to you most?

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25 thoughts on “Luxembourg Royal Wedding: Immediate Families

  1. You will all probably disagree with me but I really like Stephanie’s hat! It’s young and really pretty. I think the other hats we’ve seen her wear have been a little old and matronly.

  2. More royal hats. I don’t tend to give much attention to hats, because they always (lie, 90% should do) look hideous, most royals who use hats, like to use diferent, unusual and unique hats, but for me 90% is disaster. Well, I think it’s because of my taste, I tend to love hats that are traditional, so most of the non-tradional hats are absolutely horrendous to me. So this time as well, I can’t even mention how awful the hats of all the women in this grand Ducal family were.

  3. I think Queen Maria Theresa looks just beautiful in her bright pink flower hat and her dress and jacket are just beautiful. I don’t much care for those butterfly wings her daughter plonked on her head but I reckon it’s not the ugliest hat we seen today so that’s allright. LOL!

  4. I agree about M-T’s outfit. The color is too bold for a mother of the groom dress, and the overall shine and matching thing with the hat, dress and shoes is just too much. I thought Claire’s mother looked perfect. She was elegant and stylish but her outfit didn’t scream “look at me.”

    • I agree that she doesn’t fit in with the other colors at this wedding. But the lace work on her jacket is gorgeous and I think her hat is spunky and cute.

  5. Sigh…ok here is my opinion. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa looks lovely except for the shiny material, but the cut and detail of her dress and hat are beautiful. Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie looks like she stuck a square of cloth on her head and secured it with two chopsticks. Princess Tessy has a giant butterfly on her head (it needs to fly away). The hatless Princess Alexandra was very lovely. However my vote goes to the non-royal hat of the mother of the bride. Gabriele Lademacher was quite elegant. I love her hat. I was not overwhelmed with any of the choices.

    • I am afraid that none of these hats really appeal to me. I suppose the white straw hat that the mother-of-the-bride wore is my pick of this lot.

  6. I really like the bride’s mother’s hat and dress – the hat is very 1950s inspired. Love the ‘controversy’ hat that Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie wore but dislike the dress she has on immensely – it looks like a house-frau dress. Tessy’s hat looks like a variation in purple of one Duchess of Cambridge Catherine (England) wore this past summer in a pinky beige shade. I was not fond of it then and like it much less in wild purple.

    • Stephanie’s hat is great but ruined by the lace dress (house-frau dress indeed). The knockout here is Tessy in that amazing eggplant purple dress and headpiece. Amazing.

  7. I think Maria-Teresa looks wonderful in that saturated pink and the hat is just right, not too big or too small. I might have made the ensemble less shiny but M-T likes that. Mrs. Lademacher is a very elegant woman and her look suits her. I think I would like Stephanie’s hat more if that last curl was gone and it was more of a flat disk. I’m still deciding if I like the dress or not. Tessy’s hat reminds me of the fairy wings with elastic that goes around your shoulders that we have in our dressup box, but it’s fun and looks cute with the dress. The bridesmaids dresses are very pretty, I love that lilac color.

    • I love the shape and color of Maria Teresa’s hat at Stephanie’s hat. A wedding is a time to wear a bright and elaborate hat and these two did just that! I think Tessy looked really great too.

  8. The only one that I have a problem with is MT, why did she wear that color/style/shinny material on her outfit? This was really not a good outfit for her, the fabric looks like cheap shinny Halloween costume fabric, not good at all. Stephanie, she is such a beautiful lady and she did okay, didn’t like the sleeves on her coat(childish), if straight and narrow than the look would of been better. Do they need a stylist?

    • That’s the part I didn’t like about her outfit and hat- the shine. Her dress and coat is Armani and if you look beyond that horrid shine, the cut and detail really are beautiful. It’s the head to toe shiny-ness that ruins the look for me. If the hat had been made of the same colour in straw, I think it would have worked so much better.

  9. I really like all the hats from the wedding. I’m glad to see Stephanie in something more interesting than usual, and good for her if it’s creating a bit of comment! She’s dressed very conservatively so far in general, and a bit of individualism is nice to see. (Having said that, I’m not sure the cut of the lace outfit, with bell cuffs and a fuller skirt, quite suits the very modern style of the hat.) I really like the Grand Duchess’s hat, and I like the idea of her whole ensemble; I would have liked the suit more if it weren’t in shiny satin. I like Princess Tessy’s petal hat too, and your 3 pictures are a useful reminder about how unreliable photographs are when it comes to commenting on colour! In one of them, the colour of the hat is much closer to that of the dress than in the other two (at least on my computer).

    • I love the purple petal hat. It works really well with the purple ruffled dress. The blue hat doesn’t work with the lace dress at all.

  10. I love the outfit of the mother of the bride. She looks very young,very chique and very elegant. Could the suit and hat be Jan Taminiau, just as her daughter was wearing the other day?

  11. Love all the hats! And don’t get me wrong – I like Prince Louis but he still looks like he is 12 years old, not a father of two. Guess I am just jealous I look my age 😦

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