Belgian King and Queen in Antwerp

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium continued their domestic inaugural tour today with a visit to Antwerp. Mathilde debuted another new hat designed by Fabienne Delvigne, described by the designer as “a turquoise and green bibi in felt velvet” (for those who do not speak French, a bibi is a small pillbox or cocktail hat). The base of this hat appears to be a head-hugging cap around which dramatic bands of blue and green felt are wrapped. I think it is marvelous- it’s interesting without obstructing Mathilde’s face and it beautifully compliments her abstract floral dress. I also think the peacock blue looks just wonderful on Mathilde. I am very curious about what all the rest of you dear royal hat fans think of this creative headpiece?!

  Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne

Photos from Getty as indicated

24 thoughts on “Belgian King and Queen in Antwerp

  1. I really love this hat, the color combination and the dress with it. I agree the colors look more like Spring than Autumn, but where I live it is quite summery temps until mid October or so. Because of that if it fit the temp of the day I think it was fine! My only problem is that it seems to shout “Max” personality-wise, not sweet, demure Mathilde. I will still give it 3 <3!

  2. How can there be a yes or no on this one….from the front it is beautiful yet from the side, I counted 9/10 layers of the 2 colors, that is tooo busy for me. The colors are *Beautiful* on her, she really looks great in this color, I think if the hat had been restyled with less layers on the side
    (too many twist and turns) it would have been more chic. I love the dress, it is gorgeous on her and as always she is a very beautiful woman who always has such dignity and grace.

  3. Love it!!!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog with us! I love hats and wish I had the occasions and the money to wear ALL the hats!! Thanks again for brightening my day!

    • Welcome here, Susan! I’m so glad you enjoy the hats. Stay tuned this week- we are going to welcome a guest poster to share some ideas about how all of us can find occasions to wear hats more often!

  4. I love both design and colors. The only thing I would say against it is the felt seems a bit heavy for this early in the autumn season and for the light dress.

  5. I agree with you Princess Patricia – on the right side of the photo it’s lovely, then the left view is too solid. The colours of her outfit are fresh, more suited to coming into spring than autumn – but spring and hayfever are in the air where I live so maybe that is influencing how I feel. Oh yeas, the design is 80’s, but very flattering and forgiving.

  6. Not sure about this one. It looks great in the first two pics, but the third one makes it look like it’s just piled on her head. I suspect that is the fault of the picture, not the hat. But the colors seem a little cartoonish to me. I seem to be in the minority on that point, however.

  7. Queen Mathilde is really staking out some serious “statement print” territory in her recent wardrobe – with varying success (more hits than misses). However, pairing those frocks with hats is very tricky business indeed as we have recently witnessed. This combination is fabulous, and the whole of the ensemble is more than the individual parts. The hat is quite charming, and given HatQueen’s recent post on turbans, this one seems like a deconstructed version — an abstract turban
    if you will.

  8. This is a beautiful hat, and my favorite colors. I am glad to see she kept her accessories simple so they did not distract from her dress and her lovely hat. She is very elegant.

  9. I like it from the right side but not the left. Gorgeous colours though. Love the dress too – had one like it in 1988 lol!

  10. This is one of those rare hats where the idea didn’t come out of a box! For the most part I would like to give it two thumbs up. The first and second picture bring to mind a sculpted turban made of felt ribbons. The third angle makes it look like plasticine! Because of this I will (unfortunately) give this hat only one thumb up.

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