Princess Beatrix visits the Dutch Armed Forces

Princess Beatrix visited the Gilze-Rijen military air base yesterday afternoon. Her meeting with the Dutch Armed Forces was to honor their work throughout the years of her reign. For this event, Beatrix repeated a streamlined black straw hat with a small brim, flat crown and side bow

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3 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix visits the Dutch Armed Forces

  1. I always enjoy seeing Princess Beatrix’s hats! She can wear flamboyant hats that no one else could and I love them all! This hat is absolutely lovely on her.

  2. Oh, I so very much love Queen Bea, to me she will always be Queen of the Netherlands. I love her hat, the color and style would look great on me, and it looks so much better on her. This is very chic hat and hope to see more of her and her hats.

  3. It seems so strange to refer to Beatrix as princess instead of queen. Couldn’t she be called Queen Mother? I don’t particularly like that hat on her. I prefer Beatrix in flamboyant hats as she wears those type hats so well.

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