Danish Royal Couple Open Maritime Museum

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark opened the Maritime Museum in Helsingør yesterday. Margrethe repeated one of our favourites- her turquoise blue porkpie hat with curved brim. I love that she cheekily chose a blue hat and suit to open a maritime museum! You’ve got to love a royal hat wearer with both a sense of occasion and a sense of humour.

Queen Margrethe, October 5, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: September 3, 2013; July 4, 2013; June 2, 2013; May 6, 2013; June 14, 2012September 2, 2012September 20, 2011September 6, 2011; and May 23, 2011

Photos from Christian Liliendahl / Scanpix  

6 thoughts on “Danish Royal Couple Open Maritime Museum

  1. Every time I see this hat I like it more. It’s bright, stylish and grabs your attention in a good way (not like some other hats do).

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