Guests at the Bourbon Parma Wedding

When the groom is the grandson, nephew and cousin to three monarchs, there’s bound to be a few hats at his wedding! Such was the case for Prince Jaime of Bourbon Parma and Viktória Cservenyák’s intimate family wedding today (you can see the bride, groom and their immediate families here).

Queen Maxima wore another one of her felt picture hats with a sharply upturned front brim. I believe this particular hat, in dark charcoal grey, is a new one for her, albeit a familiar shape. It worked well with her tunic, covered in purple paillet sequins.

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Princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane were also sweetly coordinated with silver sequined bow bands in their hair.

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Princess Beatrix looked quite smashing in a salmon pink hat with diagonal upturned brim and modern looped bow on the side.

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Princess Mabel also attended (her daughter Zaria was one of the bridesmaids) and wore, quite understandably, a black dress, jacket and hat. The hat featured a wave style brim in multiple layers of fine straw and a white rose on the side. While I was not a big fan of this hat, I was so pleased to see Mabel at this wedding. (Update- several of you recognized this hat as the same one Mabel wore to Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien’s wedding back in May 2001).

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Princess Laurentien repeated the grey hat she wore to Prinsjesdag in 2011. This ‘flat hat’ (my nickname for a hat where the crown and the brim flow together without the crown raising out of the brim) designed by Fabienne Delvigne features a mass of wispy grey feathers on the crown. It’s a great hat for the fashion-forward Laurentien. Countess Eloise, eldest daughter of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, made her hat debut with this stylish mini-fascinator of black feathers. Well done, Eloise!

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Princess Margriet and Princess Aimée did not wear hats and Princess Annette and Prince Bernhard did not attend the wedding. Princess Anita, however, wore a light sea foam green fascinator of feathered flowers. Little Emma Von Vollenhoven wore a magenta pink carnation-style ribbon bow.

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Princess Marilène wore a vibrant purple fascinator of large leaves and small trailing feathers. In a day filled with fascinators, this is one of two that I thought stood out best. Brilliant!

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My other favourite fascinator of the day was worn by Juliana Guillermo, daughter of Princess Christina. Her mass of scarlet blooms contrasted so beautifully with her black and white dress and looked fantastic on her. Princess Christina also looked very happy and relaxed in a spiky feathered fascinator in shades of green and aqua.

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All in all, it was a wedding filled with fascinators! Some were more successful than others but in the end, it was just lovely to see the Dutch extended royal family all together for a much happier occasion than when we saw them last. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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15 thoughts on “Guests at the Bourbon Parma Wedding

  1. Love the purple and red fascinators! Queen Bea looks very sweet in pink and Maxima hit it out of the park, again. I’m loving Maxima’s fashion and hats as queen.

  2. Thank goodness Max, Juliana and Marilene showed up or this wedding would be a complete snore fest. I’ve never seen a royal wedding with less style.

  3. Everyone looks so happy but I wish the ladies would wear a real had and not that handful of feathers. Queen Beatrix’s pink hat is so beautiful and it looks just perfect with her pink suit. She looks like she’s lost a lot of weight! Good for her!

    • One of the things I won’t allow in the discussion here are comments about weight. Let’s please keep the discussion to hats.

      Update- I won’t publish your rebuttal comments here, Audrey. This blog is about hats, not about royal weight loss. If you disagree, that’s fine. We can debate this via private message but not here. Consider yourself warned.

  4. I loved Princess Beatrix’s hat. She looked radiant and I loved her pearls and earrings too! Queen Maxima looked nice too, but this hat style is becoming predictable for her. I was glad to see Princess Mabel! I liked her dress (the detail is beautiful) but her hat was a little bit too large for my taste. Countess Eloise was just too cute with her little black feathers! My favorite hat of the entire day was the one worn by Princess Beatrix. The style and color both worked for her and I thought she looked marvelous.

    • When I first saw Queen Maxima’s hat, I quickly skimmed past her to look at the other hats because I thought this hat style was becoming too predictable for her. While I still think it is too predictable, upon closer inspection I think she looks very lovely. Her hat, dress, gloves, and earrings were all perfection and suited her very well.

      • I did the same thing. When I looked closer at the purple embroidered tunic, earrings, grey pencil skirt, hairstyle and makeup, the hat was a perfect fit. She did a great job of looking very queenly while not calling too much attention to herself. It was the bride’s day, afterall!

  5. Maxima looked absolutely splendid. She can really pull off big hats, not only because of her physical shape, but because of her obviously vibrant personality. It was so nice to see Beatrix in a shape other than a cake-hat! I’m sure she has worn lots of different styles over her life, but this is the first time I can myself remember seeing her with an asymmetric brim, for instance. And I love the colour-shading in the hat, with the subtle grey. I don’t know if it is the different way things display on computers, but to me Princess Marilene’s hat and outfit were a royal blue colour, not purple at all – still a nice lively shade, though! And Juliana’s red fascinator looked great from a distance paired with her red shoes, a good contrast to the black and white.

  6. Princess Mabel repeated a hat she wore at Prince Constantijn’s and Princess Laurentien’s wedding in 2001. I suppose she considers it a ‘happy hat’,but it’s a bit too large to my taste, especially as the princess is very slender.
    She decorated the hat with a white flower to add some brightness to her outfit as she is still in mourning, of course. I think she looks great, circumstances considered.

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