Pink… or Pink?

Royal HatsYesterday, Queen Elizabeth wore her pale pink and blue bouclé coat dress (designed, I believe by Stewart Parvin) with a new pink straw hat. She has worn this lovely coat twice before (for Easter and on a May 2013 visit to Cambridge, shown below), both times with a pink wool felt hat trimmed with white feathers, designed by Rachel Trevor Morgan. The two pink hats have give a distinctly different feel to the ensemble- which one do you like better with this coat?

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designers: Both are Rachel Trevor Morgan 

Photos from Getty as indicated

23 thoughts on “Pink… or Pink?

  1. I think the color of the first hat matches the suit better, but I prefer the netting embellishment on the 2nd. So if we could just meld those two, it would be perfect!

  2. One of the (pretty rare, I think, judging by HatQueen’s earlier posts) occasions when the Queen wears an outfit with a different hat. The first hat with the feather fluff seems on my screen to be a better colour match, but otherwise I prefer the second. It’s a more sophisticted hat, and I like the way the sequinned veil aludes to the colours of the slub in the coat material.

  3. I also like the earlier one worn with this coat because of the softer color..but I really like the details on the newer hat. I also wondered as hatQueen said if the newer hat maybe is softer in shade then it appears in the photo due to lighting.

  4. The one on the left. Not the one worn most recently. I like the softer color, it matches better, and I like the shape of the brim better also.

  5. It’s not like me to feel this way as I love all the Queen’s hats, but I don’t think I like either. The boucle suit commands something a bit more sophisticated in a ‘Chanel’ way and they are both just tooooo frothy.

    • I wasn’t initially a fan of the net on this hat but after hearing all of you lovin’ on it, I’m converting! Looking at the bow, it’s similar to some other hats Rachel Trevor Morgan has made. So maybe she made this one, too?

      • Yes, both hats are by Rachel Trevor-Morgan. They were made so that Her Majesty could wear the felt hat in cooler temperatures, and the straw hat on warmer days. The colour match was perfect but just doesn’t show well on the photographs. Bad photography or light levels I’m afraid.

  6. I prefer the first hat, and I am surprised that I do since I usually like hats that carry the color theme or fabric of the outfit into the hat. The second hat does that with the different colors in the netting which match the different colors in the coat. But for some reason the first hat seems to go so well with the outfit I actually prefer it. I must be very fickled today.

  7. Quite frankly, I don’t think either one goes very well with the outfit. The kooshball does have some blue/turquoise, and that makes it match the coat a little better. The hat is too strong a pink. HM QE2 has gotten a lot of new boucle outfits recently, mainly pink or tan. I think she looks better with bright color and hats that better mimic the coat’s color scheme from a distance

    • I agree. In itself, I quite like the funny net with dots of different colors, but I don’t think it compliments better the coat than the kooshball. Actually, with such an insidious color (actually, lots of colors and none at the same time), I believe a hat in a totally different color (a light shade of turquoise ? green ? with trim echoing the coat) may be the best option. Not trying to match the coat’s color, which cannot be a success – excepted in the case where the hat is made of the same fabric, which is often the case with the hats worn by HM the Queen.

  8. Aside from the kooshball, I like the first one. I definitely like the shape better with this outfit. The netting on the second seems too “busy” next to the patterned coat. Was surprised to learn these are Rachel Trevor Morgan. I usually wouldn’t change a thing about her work, but neither of these is 100% right.

    • Sorry, I didn’t read carefully enough 🙂 Misread the “both times” as the two appearances pictured. Still surprised about the first hat being RTM (mostly the decoration.)

  9. I like the first hat the best, somehow it just goes with her outfit. The second hat was to fussy for her coatdress. Yet she always has that great smile, doesn’t she?

  10. Thank you for this post HatQueen….One’s brain was being wracked a bit yesterday trying to recall the previous hat worn with this coat – without the motivation to actually search it out, so a ‘well done’ to you!
    Laying aside the color questions (and breaking the MrFitzroy craft project taboo) it would be wonderful to remove the feather koosh ball from the first hat, and substitute the net and trim from the second hat, where the shape proportion seems off. That would be best of both worlds!

  11. Both are great, though the second is a better match. I don’t really understand why she had another one made though – the first was perfect!

  12. I like the straw hat much better. Something about the netting attached mimics the texture of the coat. The poof on the other one is not really my favorite look.

  13. I am a real fan of the second “new” hat. I’m not sure how well it goes with the rest of the ensemble, though. The pink is not quite right in my screen.

    • The lighting on the photographs yesterday seemed to be problematic across the board. I have a hunch that the match between hat and coat was much better in real life than we see in photos.

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