Belgian King and Queen in Liege

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium continued their inauguration tour of their home country with a visit to Liege today.

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Mathilde wore another new hat by Belgian designer Fabienne Delvigne who describes it as “a beige velvet felt borsalino like hat“. You may remember the Italian milliner Borsalino from our history on fedoras– he is credited with the first fedora in 1857, which became his trademark hat. This fedora has a slightly relaxed brim and heightened crown which makes it look more casual.

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While I like the folded bow, made from the same velvet felt as the hat, this hat just isn’t speaking to me. Or maybe, what’s speaking too loudly is Mathilde’s coat. I can’t get the image of Big Bird out of my mind.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: this hat is new

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18 thoughts on “Belgian King and Queen in Liege

  1. This hat style to me is not a formal-looking enough one for it to look good on any royal engagement. Having said that, this is a better example of it than many.
    And thank you, Hat Queen, for your continued work and frequent updates – it is much appreciated.

  2. I opened my Style edition of Huffington Post and they had a write up of this hat (and the skirt/coat)…they first made it sound like they did not like it at all, saying it reminded them of Big Bird! It is sort of like that yellow! then they went on to say they did like it a lot – thought it was edgy and there was a reader poll with it – the consensus when I looked at that poll was over-whelming like of this whole look!

  3. I think this is a great hat. I love the color on the Queen and I like the yellow skirt. The coat, however, is NOT good. Imagine this hat with a camel coat to match and the yellow near the Queen’s face and I think it would be wonderful!!

  4. Mathilde’s coat is quite startling because of the bold yellow and coarse texture and beige fedora didn’t do much to complement the ensemble so I can’t give Mathilde high marks for the day. But I watched a video of the event and the queen in her yellow coat did stand out nicely along with all the yellow gold and black in the Belgian flags that decorated the hall and courtyard on this grey day.

  5. Oh, this does not work for me at all…reminds me of Big Bird……….the color yells, screams and faints all at the same time. This color is not even good on her….why of why beautiful lady? The hat, great for a trip walking in the woods with the children on a hike, going shopping, to the movies, to casual for what she is going.

  6. I just don’t know what to say! The hat looks too casual , -almost African Bush . and that screaming yellow, oh, my! Then I saw that there is a skirt to match! thankfully, just a skirt. Have to wonder if this is Natan again. Well, I have to agree with all the other comments.

  7. I really like the hat. And that coat is such a train wreck I can’t help myself from coming back and staring at it! It’s so bad I think I love it!

  8. Now don’t that just take the rag off the bush? It is an ugly hat and an ugly coat. I’m sorry but I need to say so. She’s a really pretty queen but not in this outfit.
    I liked it better when the new hat pictures came up earlier in the morning. It’s real inconveenient to be checking back here all day. Can you get the photos to show up hear around 8AM like you used to?

  9. Aw, I actually like it all, and I honestly don’t know why. It shouldn’t work, but for me it does. The oversized yellow coat is screaming “see me!!” But hey, she IS the queen so it’s all good that she be easily seen. 🙂 I think it’s quirky and it’s fun.

    Oh, and I’m thankful that matchy-Mathilde didn’t opt for a hat and shoes to colour-match the coat…

    • You’re right. Mathilde usually matches everything in exactly the same color. Thank goodness she’s been breaking away from that. I love the hat but will take a pass on the coat.

  10. Clearly I’m on the same wavelength as everybody else, because my first thought on seeing the coat was “Muppet pelt.” However, I admit to liking the hat in spite of her wearing a Muppet.

  11. The hat is too casual for the occasion in my opinion. I also do not like that banana yellow color of her coat and skirt. Her hair and make-up were lovely though. I may have liked the hat more if she had not been wearing that coat. This opinion was brought to you by the number 9 and the letter R. Wait, wait I’m sorry for a moment I thought I was on Sesame Street. 🙂

  12. The coat would have been okay if it was of a different material. That fuzzy look does remind one of Big Bird. I actually like the hat. I love the relaxed brim. I am not crazy about that bow on the front of the hat for some reason though.

  13. We seen a few of these larger felt or wool hats – I hope this is not a fashion that is making a resurgence…we have seen this in the past. I agree, don’t think this is a dressy look at all .. the style works for me if it’s done in a summer material like open weave and helps keep the sun off the head…but when you need a coat this only would look right to me for this type of occasion if the coat was a more suited, coordinated look…

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