Belgian Royal Couple Visit Ghent

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde continued their domestic inaugural tour with a visit to Ghent today. Mathilde debuted another new hat, this one a ruched casque trimmed in stylized pleated fabric swirls (or flowers?!) and a cream net veil.


I’m not usually a fan of these helmet-style hats but this one suits Mathilde very well and the detail on it is quite interesting. I wonder if it might work even better with the swirls rotated down closer to her ear?

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. She describes it as “a green banana fiber hat with a bronze color veil”. 

What do you think of this new hat?

Photos from Didier Lebrun/Photonews via Getty Images and Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Belgian Royal Couple Visit Ghent

    • I wasn’t too sure about this hat but that picture from the back shows that it’s much nicer than it first looks. It looks very much from the 1940s and I think it’s cute she doesn’t just wear modern looking hats.

  1. This looks very matronly on Mathilde. Can’t put my finger on it, maybe they way her hair is styled. The dress is Belgian designer Dries Van Noten and I think it would have looked better without a belted waist.

  2. I always give a hurray for something interesting, even if it doesn’t quite come off. I’m not sure whether or not I like this as a concept, but I think it looks pretty good on Mathilde.

  3. I appear to be in the minority with the comments that have already been made, but I love this hat! She looks very nice. I think she got everything right this time.

  4. By seeing this hat, i think of Baudelaire Who said “i am an old boudoir full of withered roses,where lies a whole litter of old fashioned dresses”( flowers of Evil -1857).

  5. It does look good on her. But I don’t care for that hat otherwise. I agree with beachgal that it appears vintage style. She carries it off well. I do like that it is “different” without being silly.

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