Duchess of Alba Celebrates a Spanish Wedding

Last Friday, October 11, The Duchess of Alba was spotted at the Spanish celebrity wedding of Maria Colonques and Andres Benet. Cayetana topped off her very festive boysenberry-hued ensemble with a purple flowered cocktail hat. Doesn’t she look great?! I admire her fashion confidence and can only hope that when I am her age (a sprightly 87 years old) I have as much fun with my millinery and clothing choices as she does.

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11 thoughts on “Duchess of Alba Celebrates a Spanish Wedding

  1. I so admire this lady, I like the hat or whatever it is on her head, she lives her life to the fullest and be darned with the world. To me, she is Priceless and Precious, she could teach so many of us in the world on how to be strong and live our own lives to the fullest.

    • Maybe but that hat looks like a bowl of potpourri dumped on her head. She looks like a brave lady but the hat (and the outfit) are not attractive. But that’s just my opinion.

      • Potpourri indeed! I just think that every woman over the age of 80 should have carte blanche to wear whatever they want without judgement.

        • Boy, I sure do agree with you on that, if we all could reach her age and be that full of life, then there would be no problems growing old. I say go for it Duchess!

  2. I can only hope that if and when I reach her age, I’m as willing to be as bright and colorful and carefree in my style as the Duchess is. More power to her!

  3. She seems to have a full enjoyment of life and I admire her confidence. I do like her hat. As for the rest of her fashion choices in this photo, I choose to remain quiet. 🙂 If I reach her age, I hope I have the same zest for life!

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