Duchess of Cornwall Celebrates Harvest

Westminster Abbey celebrated the harvest during British Food Fortnight with a service today which was attended by the Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla repeated a cornflower blue beret hat trimmed with large open rings and a blue silk bloom. It’s a slightly avant garde hat but one I think looks marvelous on her.

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Previously Worn: May 2, 2012; April 28, 2008

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17 thoughts on “Duchess of Cornwall Celebrates Harvest

  1. The hat really shouldn’t work…but somehow, it absolutely does!
    Kudos to Cams for millinery bravery — Though it does beg the question of whether perhaps Eugenie has taken her shopping, or if, per chance, she has been rooting around in Beatrice’s also-rans…..because there is a distinct Yorkie quirkiness at work here!

    • I don’t like the royal hats that are going off in all directions but this one looks so nice on Camilla. I think the shade of blue is what keeps it looking calm.

  2. I like that hat… but I agree with all the commenters who said that the coat looks like a house coat. And what’s up with those black tights? It’s an odd combination. But since this is a blog about the hats, I’ll stop digressing. The hat is quite jaunty and I like to see Camilla try something different

  3. The only thing I like is the color, the coatdress looks like a bathrobe, the hat, to busy, to much, and is distracting, can’t seem to find a center point to look at. This entire outfit is so wrong is so many ways. Is it just me, she seems very tired in these pictures, like she needs 48 hours of sleep and peace and quiet…….

  4. I actually love this hat. It’s not her usual style, but it’s very flattering on her. I hope she experiments more with her hats; the big ones are always a safe look, but it’s great to take more chances occasionally. I think the dress looks nice, too, although it’s not quite a stylistic match for the hat. But with her more mature figure, it looks very good on her, IMO.

  5. The hat has too many rings (I want to call it the “Rings of Saturn” hat) and it’s a bit too whimsical for her age. The coat dress looks like a house coat. Sorry, but she missed the mark on this one:(

  6. Love this hat, and I think it suits the Duchess, which is good, as it shows she has a face type that suits all kinds of hat shapes (given that I think her usual large hats are great for her). But odd colouring in the photos again. I’m pretty sure the big flower is navy blue, but in the second picture, it looks black to match her shoes, tights, gloves and bag (unless of course they are actually navy too!).

  7. While I agree this hat _does_ looks nice, less could have been more. With so many complicated things going on, from a distance it may look like ‘a pile of stuff’ only resolved upon closer inspection. Subtract or reduce size of the flower? I like the idea of the spread of rings.

  8. Love this hat. And love the picture of her with the wine! She could wear more hats like this, smaller ones and a bit different

  9. agree – like this hat on her a lot – but the coat dress top is really unflattering on her – yet the color very good for her.

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