Upstaging the Theatre Folk

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the National Theatre in London today. The Queen debuted another new outfit and hat (gasp!), this one in vibrant magenta. The shape of this straw hat- a flat crown with a small brim that turns up on one side and down on the other- is interesting enough but what sets this hat apart is the trim. I really love the braided straw band around the brim (which also covers the upper part of the brim) and while a large spray of magenta feathers and a modern rolled straw calla lily bloom sounds like a lot of embellishment for one hat, it somehow works. It’s a bold look and a LOT of pink but somehow, The Queen still wears the whole ensemble (instead of it wearing her). She also does the impossible- upstaging the theatre folks in their own environment. I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this new hat!

Queen Elizabeth, Oct 22, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Elizabeth, Oct 22, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: unconfirmed

Photos from Bauer Griffin via Zimbio

17 thoughts on “Upstaging the Theatre Folk

  1. Love the hat! MrFitzroyOBE is right the hat works because the suit is simple. I love simple clean lines and I think the Queen looks marvelous in this outfit. The color is great and it all works for her.

  2. The queen has such presence that she truly can carry off any color, no matter how bright. And I personally think the brightest colors look absolutely amazing on her — she still has such a beautiful complexion that virtually any color is flattering. I love the hat, and the entire outfit is just perfect on her. Now I wonder if she could perhaps bottle up some of that perpetual energy she has and share it with the rest of us!

  3. I do enjoy seeing Lilibet in a short jacket. Don’t love this colour personally, I prefer the Queen in pinks without such a blue undertone.
    Love the feather on the hat, MrFitzroyOBE is perceptive, it is very Queen Mary, :).

  4. Love the hat and the suit. Whether a dress or skirt and blouse, I love that short jacket instead of the long coat she uses all the time. Good look on her and the hat is great. Even part of the brim is upturned. yeah! Somehow that calla lily appears a bit much, but she carries it off . Good for her.

  5. Great Combo! the hat could easily be too much (especially with the fussy calla lily) but the plume is wonderful and VERY Queen Mary, What makes it work is that the suit is so simple – no overly clever edging, no excessive trimming, just nice clean lines, and it doesnt drag HM down like some of the ponderous full coat + dress combos can. Mr Fitzroy would bet however that under the jacket, the blouse/skirt is actually a one piece dress with contrast bodice. Cheers to Ms Kelly on this one!

  6. I love it, the shape, the colour and especially the trim! She looks great! I must remember this when this when I am nearly 90!

  7. wow! love this on her. And good for her wearing such a bright shade when it’s deep into fall season. I think she looks fab!

  8. I love the hat! That color looks marvelous on the Queen. It is amazing that she does so much, goes to so many places, meets so many people and yet she always looks neat and fresh. Does the Queen ever run out of steam?

  9. I like that hat and the entire outfit! Excellent color for HM QE2. The plume, or whatever it is, is a tad large for the hat, but it gives the Queen added height.
    What puzzles me is that the outfit s appears to be 3-piece suit, with a skirt and blouse. The Queen hasn’t worn a skirt and blouse — except at Balmoral — for about 9 years. Angela Kelly has said that the Queen doesn’t like blouses because they ride up. Whenever HM QE2 wears a (short) jacket rather than a (long) coat, she always wears a dress underneath. Makes me wonder whether this outfit, although I’ve never seen it before, was actually made years ago.
    At any rate, I think today’s outfit makes the Queen look majestic and regal/.

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