Christening of Prince George

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought their son, Prince George, to the Chapel at St. James Palace to be christened this morning. Kate wore a new bespoke hat designed by Jane Taylor. This cream straw beret featured a large net bow and ivory handmade silk rose on the side. This hat is not a real departure in terms of millinery style for Kate but I thought it looked lovely on her and was the perfect compliment to her amazing Alexander McQueen suit.

24 thoughts on “Christening of Prince George

  1. Catherine looked amazing, loved the suit and hat on her, the color was really a great choice. The suit was so pretty with the ruffle on the front, it wasn’t over powering in any way and the peplum on the back of the jacket was a nice touch. Her hat, oh, wish I hat it in my closet….I really loved the hat a lot. William and Catherine really looked wonderful with their baby, he sure is beginning to look like his dad. Catherine is now really starting to look more mature and grow up in her choice of clothes.

    • I agree. I thought Kate’s suit and hat were just gorgeous. She, William and George were so nicely coordinated together

  2. I think the Duchess’s dress is elegant and it goes perfectly with the cream christening gown of George. The hat is adorable and perfect for the whole ensemble.

  3. Gorgeous. I’m glad she didn’t recycle like I thought she would 😀 I like that everyone was in shades of cream/ivory and blue. Georgie looks a lot like Daddy right now!

  4. I love this whole look. The hat is festive but understated, and I’m glad she wore her hair back underneath, it suits hats much better that way than completely free-flow.

  5. I thought she would wear blue but when I saw this, it just looked perfect. I don’t know how she does it but she keeps dressing in a way that is very royal without making herself the center of attention. I like that about her a lot.

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