Christening of Prince George: The Guests

Prince George’s christening today was a very intimate and private affair. Despite the small nature of the event, there were still several hats to behold! Queen Elizabeth wore a new cornflower blue wool hat in the exact shade as her coat. The shape was very simple but that balanced the explosion of ribbon flowers and leaves at the front. If I were to nitpick, I might wish that the crown on this hat was a little lower (something about the proportion seems slightly off in this photo). The Duchess of Cornwall continued her recent trend of smaller hats with this Philip Treacy designed beret. Trimmed with a mass of curling ribbon tails, this hat is a more modern look than we’re used to seeing with Camilla’s millinery but I thought it was fantastic on her. I also thought it was very gracious to go with a hat closer to Kate’s signature shape than her own.

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The only other member of the British royal family in attendance today was Zara Phillips Tindall who was named as one of Prince George’s godmothers. Zara continued the cream/blue beret trend with this new navy velvet felt beret trimmed with a large multi-looped bow designed by Rachel Trevor Morgan (see it here). With her elegant navy dress and coat, I thought she looked very chic.

Zara Phillips, Oct 23, 2013 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | The Royal Hats Blog Zara Phillips, Oct 23, 2013 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | The Royal Hats Blog

The Middleton ladies were also in attendance. Kate’s mum Carole wore a beautiful hat by Jane Corbett, described by the designer as “a soft grey straw trimmed with grey silk satin and delicate vintage lace motifs.” Philippa wore a hand-dyed and beaded cocktail hat with feathers and flowers designed by Edwina Ibbotson. I thought both hats were quite delicate and lovely.

Carole Middleton in Jane Corbett, Oct 23, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog Philippa Middleton in Edwina Ibbotson, Oct 23, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

It was a very coordinated, blue and cream day of millinery for George’s christening today, wasn’t it? Which hat was your favourite? I you haven’t already seen it, you might enjoy watching  the royals arriving for the christening and greeting each other, here.  

Photos from WPA Pool/Getty via Zimbio

20 thoughts on “Christening of Prince George: The Guests

  1. I was really impressed with the hats yesterday. I thought Camilla’s was lovely! And Zara never fails to impress me!

    I was however stunned at the workmanship of the Queens hat! You can’t see it here but when she turned around there was a large protruding vertical seam up the back of the crown! This is appalling & not correct technique at all! When covering a hat in material you use the material on the bias (diagonal). If that’s done correctly the seam will naturally also be diagonal, and you can work it so that the material nits together very tightly. The seam should therefore be very discrete & subtle. I am genuinely flabbergasted at this, as this is basic technique & is the best way to hide your seam!

    Anyway rant over…..I’m glad the day was as the family choose & was intimate & personal. xx

  2. This is great to see so many royals in hats all at once……….the Queen, she looked wonderful and I liked that hat and the coatdress on her. And Camilia looked great, I LOVED her hat and coat, the color looked just fabulous on her, was very surprised at how well she looked. This new style of smaller hats is very becoming on her, shows her face and hair to better advantages. Zara, now she knocked them balls out of the park, she looked marvelous and loved the color on her. CM, oh heavens what was she thinking, the coat and the hat, awful, the coat print over powered the hat and it is a huge mismatch. PM, I like her outfit and hat, it was okay for the occasion and didn’t ring any bells either way or being great or bad.

    • I loved Camilla’s coat but I wasn’t too fussy for her hat. I think Zara looked very classy. I liked Carol’s coat and hat very much.

  3. Color of the Queen’s hat and coat is excellent, style somewhat predictable. I hope the official photograph will show what HM QE2 is wearing underneath the coat (sounds risqué, doesn’t it?). The blue and green rug fuzz on the hat must have been chosen to match something.
    Camilla keeps looking better.

  4. Camilla, The Queen & Zara look great. Not liking Pipa’s hat at all. She seems to get many wrong in my book. Carol’s hat might be OK but I cannot get past the dress coat that overwhelms the look – it’s horrible in my book. Really like Camilla in the dress coat and hat – she gets a most improved this past yr in my book.

  5. Mother-to-be Zara Phillips Tindall wins in my book. I love her hat, it is very beautiful. I also think the Duchess of Cornwall looks very nice. I do not care for Pippa Middleton’s hat but her coat is lovely.

  6. The only hat I’m not really loving is Carole Middleton’s and I think that might be mitigated by a different angle or some hair showing around her forehead… Zara looks great!

  7. I thought all the hats were good, I loved Camilla’s, Zara’s was very elegant, and Carole and the Queen were fine. Pippa’s hat is nice of itself, but I felt it was too small with this outfit and somehow a bit too frivolous for this occasion.

  8. They all looked lovely. I agree that the Queen’s crown to her hat was too tall and reminded me of a man’s top hat. I rather didn’t like Camilla’s choice the same as Kate’s. But every guest looked their best. Very nice.

  9. I like Zara’s hat and overall look the best. I love the coat on Camilla – the texture looks so interesting – and Pippa’s coat with the satin piping is also beautiful. I am liking the berets more than the hats with a brim here in general.

  10. I recently wore a very similar Philip Tracey beret to the one chosen by the Duchess of Cornwall to my own City Hall wedding last month. I received many lovely comments from passers by in NYC. I was delighted that the Duchess has ventured out into smaller , sharper styles than her usual flowers and feathers. It gives her outfit a very modern edge.
    Incidentally, I also wore an Alexander McQueen cream suit not a million miles from my that of the Duchess of Cambridge!! It certainly made my day to see more than one royal in such similar sartorial and millinery choices to my own.

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