Queen Elizabeth In East Sussex

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited East Sussex today where they toured a fish market, a brewery, a youth hostel, and a reading room. The Queen repeated her magenta and black split crown hat with black button trim. I still find this hat a little too Alice-In-Wonderland-Mad-Hatter for me to really like although I did enjoy these photos, which offer a more closeup view of this hat than we’ve seen before. What do you think?

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly

Previously Worn: April 5, 2013; December 30, 2012; May 1, 2012; March 8, 2012; March 4, 2011

Photos from Getty as indicated

25 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth In East Sussex

  1. This is a very bold hat, no soft edges, and I actually like it for a change – the trim is very simple. And I also think it is a very successful ensemble for being seen at a distance, as the Queen is at most public engagements. Whereas the feathers or braid or sparkles or other more subtle embellishments can’t be appreciated unless you’re close up, this hat is one that the crowds can get the effect of from further away.

  2. This is probably the One in her collection that I really don’t like at all, the color is awful, the shape is wrong, and it looks like something out of a fairy tale for children whom you might want to scare. No, she has so many more beautiful hats to chose from, bury this with KRichard !!! abd ve done with it.

  3. Perhaps this is the last outing for this one…and HM is tossing us a wink by wearing it on Halloween…
    MrFitzroy has certainly always considered this hat to be a fright!
    Part of the problem is this is such a dull toned purple blue magenta…which is much different from the bright vibrant magenta tones that the Queen wears with such aplomb. But the hat itself is also a problem,

  4. The color combination is the only thing I like here. The shape is wrong in too many ways to list. Makes for some very unflattering angles.

  5. I love the Queen in this vibrant pink but somehow the combination with the black, buttons and split crown it is just too much. The whole ensemble (of the hat) says ” trying too hard” when the Queen has natural elegance, poise & wears hats so well. This outfit looks great but the hat is a disappointment in terms of shape, style and colour combination.

  6. Had this outfit been worn once or twice only, its clownish-Madhatter qualities wouldn’t really matter. It is a good color combination for someone who always wears black shoes and who needs to stand out in a crowd. But for a standard “working outfit,” its clownish-Madhatter qualities are a little tiring. Retire the outfit: it’s served its purpose.

  7. I always think the reference here is to elements of the uniform of the beefeaters – the yeoman warders at the tower. Many of the queen’s ensemble have historical or cultural references incorporated. I think there has been discussion on here before about the costume or uniform nature of the bespoke clothing and millinery of public figures. Having said that, this hat may be a bit too costume like for an elderly queen to wear. I don’t know. I like the fact that the chances of finding it in a shop are almost nil – and that we are talking about it.

    • Good point, Charlotte. Many of Angela Kelly’s designs for the Queen are ones we are unlikely to ever find in a shop. After the hundreds of hats the Queen has worn, it makes sense that she would now choose designs that are unique.

  8. She wears this color so well; I like the boldness and shape. Sometimes I find the hats she wears a bit too stove-pipish for my taste, but this one works quite well, especially with the added curves and shaping in the crown. I like it!

  9. Just clownish and a shame to see that on the Queen. I wouldn’t want to see that on anyone! She needs to give that to Goodwill-and what would be their reaction to have that thing donated to them? Can you picture that? .

  10. I like it. It’s a cheerful ensemble. What does tickle me is that I would never have chosen to wear pearls with a pink and black outfit. Yet it doesn’t look “wrong”…

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