British Royals Support the SSAFA

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh officially opened the headquarters of SSAFA (Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families Association) in Central London this morning. Founded in 1885, the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families Association is a British charitable organisation that provides assistance to former and serving members of British Armed Forces and their families. The Queen repeated her turquoise blue wool fabric hat with diagonal upturned brim and flower applique trim. It’s a small hat in size but I think it packs quite a punch of style. I particularly like the jaunty brim.

Embed from Getty Images
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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Dec. 25, 2012

The Queen and Prince Philip were joined on this engagement by Prince(above) and Princess Michael of Kent. Princess Michael wore an ecru wool felt picture hat with a large rose bloom tucked under the brim. Paired with her greige suit, it was a rather sedate and monochrome look but I suppose that’s what one wears when one goes to work with the queen. I thought Marie Christine’s hat gave a bit of personality to her otherwise quiet ensemble.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unconfirmed. My guess is John Boyd
Previously Worn: March 30, 2012

Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “British Royals Support the SSAFA

  1. I really like QE’s hat, the upturned brim is really a nice touch and the flowers on the top make this hat prefect. Her coat, not so much with that design down the front, it takes away from the entire outfit, looks like a last minute idea. Her jewelry is fabulous, that pin is very elegant. QE looks really great in bright colors and she should wear more of them. PMarie, not so much, dull and boring. Maybe she did this because she was with the Queen and didn’t want to outshine her as she should not. Something about PMarie that really bugs me, just can’t warm up to her, the smile never reaches her eyes.

  2. Liking this ensemble of the Queen’s very much, especially how the trim on the hat is somewhat echoed by that fab pearl brooch. Not in love with the zigzag placket on the coat, but I guess it gives some interest. HM really looks wonderful in clear bright colors. So lovely to see the Kents at an engagement! Prince Michael is always so dapper and elegant. Marie-Christine’s outfit is a bit sedate compared to her usual, but I like it very much, especially her shoes. Look at the amount of medals the DoE’s got! Do they have to be pinned on one at a time, I wonder, or are they all assembled on one big piece?

  3. The Queen’s outfit is good: strong color, reasonably subdued cut, although I don’t know what the zig-zag front is to accomplish. The shape of the appliqué on the hat ties in to the pattern on the dress fabric. Upturned brim is a welcome change from many of HM QE2’s current hats’ downward slopes.
    PMK is consistently elegant, although the color of the shoes clashes somewhat with the rest of her outfit.

  4. Both royal ladies look simply beautiful. I really like the Queen’s hat, it is quite charming. Princess Michael of Kent looks very elegant here. Sometimes simple is the best choice and it works well for her here.

  5. I really like the Queen’s blue hat. Many of her hats have feathers or flowers and I just love the velvet appliques. It’s a nice change and they look gorgeous.

  6. I like this little number of the Queen’s but PMK – well she looks fabulous. It may be muted in tone but that hat is amazing, she looks very elegant.

    • PMK does look good but that big flower under the brim is weird. I think it would be way better on top of the brim.

      I’m not liking the Queen’s hat here. Maybe that’s because fabric covered hats never look good to me.

  7. upturned brim. oh, I can deal with this hat. very nice. Princess Michael looks very elegant as well, and her hat is quite nice . Thank ;you for the pictures!

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