Dutch King and Queen Visit St. Eustatius

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima’s inaugural tour of the Caribbean moved on to the island of St. Eustatius today.  Máxima repeated her vivid orange folded straw headpiece and matching cotton day dress for today’s visit. I will post better photos as they are released throughout the day but at first look, I like the hat (she looks to be wearing it to the side instead of on the top of her head as she did last time) but wish she would have chosen smaller earrings.

There was some debate here in the comments yesterday about the appropriateness of Máxima’s fashion choices so far on this tour- I’m interested to hear your responses about her ensemble today. Let’s just keep things a little lighter than yesterday, please!

Queen Máxima, Nov 15, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Máxima, Nov 15, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | The Royal Hats Blog

Queen Máxima, Nov 15, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Sep. 2, 2013

Photos from Albert Nieboer and Albert Nieboer via Corbis; and Dutch Photo Press

18 thoughts on “Dutch King and Queen Visit St. Eustatius

  1. I love this colour on her. It looks great in the bright sunlight. I think the outfit shows good taste in colour & style for the hot weather. Whilst the jewellery is not to my taste I think she carries it off very well. I like the hat as it is neither too formal nor too casual – it strikes the right balance for the occasion.

  2. So interesting, after I commented yesterday on how unusual it is for someone to change the angle at which they wear a particular hat, that Maxima has done it again! She must be much more open to change than most of us, and isn’t afraid to experiment. And I do like this hat. I prefer it this time – as a general rule I think hats look better and more flattering tilted at an angle than straight on top.

  3. This is Max at her colourful best. Simple shift and cheeky hat perched jauntily above a dazzling smile. Max loves to stretch her jewellery wearing to include modern pieces, and I can easily overlook the pieces I don’t particularly like because she rewards me when she digs into the royal jewel vault.

  4. I think she looks very beautiful. I did not care for this hat the last time she wore it, but I think it looks marvelous with the different placement. I like her earrings. It is that clunky bracelet that distracts my eye! The bracelet reminds me of a snake which gives me the creeps. Other than the bracelet, I like the whole look. I think the King and Queen both are dressed appropriately, and you can tell the citizens are just as happy to meet the royal couple as the royal couple are to meet them.

  5. Hat Queen, I just want you to know that I really love this blog………I adore hats and being raised by my grandmother who wore hats and taught me to wear hats, now being a very young 70 and still loving hats, collect them even.
    On now with Queen Max today, she looks great in this color and I love the style this time of her hat, the way it sits on her head and the dress. Her shoes, can I have those shoes, the are great, only thing is the jewelry, it seems like it is overpowering her outfit. That is the first thing my eye went to when I saw the picture, the jewelry is way to heavy and chunky on her. Her smile says it all, that she is one very happy, in love with hr hub and life. I really like this royal couple!

  6. This color is good on her and also works well for a trip to the Caribbean. I like that she opted for sandals today – but I do think she could have ditched the hat to try to scale back her over-dressed look for what the style is there. Again King W. looks fine for the destination and Max is a tad over-dressed. I think she might have pulled this off if she was not matching her hat to the dress and opted for wedges vs heals.

    • Forgot to add, the earrings are not right for the formality of the rest of her dress here…but if she would have worn the earrings and dressed to suit them she might have nailed that right Island Vaca look!

      • Respectfully, I strongly disagree. The Queen is not on an “Island Vaca” but instead, is on a working foreign tour (albeit in a tropical location). All of the photos released this week show children and adults alike dressed to the nines to come and meet their new queen. If she had gone for an “Island Vaca” wardrobe as you suggest, I believe it would be deeply disrespectful to her hosts.

      • I also disagree. I think Maxima needs to still look like a queen when she is on any overseas visit (especially a visit to Dutch territory overseas). Her hats and dresses have been summery and a little relaxed but not too much. I was hoping we’d see this orange dress and hat again!

      • I’m with Marcus. I think it would be totally inappropriate for her to dress like she was on vacation. Wearing a hat with her outfits this week has struck the perfect balance of formality with the informal summer dresses she has been wearing.

      • Her dress is very flattering. The hat is a too modern for my taste but it looks festive. I agree that she needs to look dressy enough to carry out her role as queen. Hats help complete this regal look.

      • I’m with you on that! ^^
        I have never liked wedges, actually. And would rather wear flat shoes than wedges if I can’t wear proper heals.

  7. Very elegant and appropriate 😉
    I like it better than last time (the positioning, I guess) but I often find Maxima’s earrings choices distracting.

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