Princess Beatrix Visits Hospital Site

It seems the Dutch royals are very busy these days. Princess Beatrix opened the new construction of the St. Antonius Hospital in Utrecht yesterday. She repeated a navy straw hat with flat brim and straight-sided crown wrapped and trimmed in coordinating straw bands. I think I would prefer this hat without the two straw loops on the side but Beatrix looks so happily full of life that I’m not going to nitpick about her hat!

Princess Beatirx, Nov 15, 2013 | The Royal Forums

Photo from PPE

9 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Visits Hospital Site

  1. I really like this hat on her, to see her smile like that with all that has happened lately in her life, she is such a wonderful example to all us women to be strong and hold onto our faith. I noticed that little silver pin, on the side of her hat…………any idea what it is? I think a pin on the hat is a great statement point for ladies, dresses up the hat and the lady.

  2. I LOVE this hat, almost as much as I love Princess Beatrix! Such a lovely lady and still attending to her royal duties with a smile. I am sure that is hard to do after losing her son, and she also recently had surgery for a broken cheekbone which she received in a fall. I love when there is a post here about Princess Beatrix because I love her hats (even the outlandish ones)!

  3. Even her hat pin matches her outfit with tiny black stripes! I think she such a striking lady and she wears hats so well. The side loops are much nicer than a typical bow would be.

  4. Don’t you just want to break all protocol and give her a big hug. What a lovely lady, that even after such an awful bereavement, she is still doing her thing and bringing pleasure to others. I love Bea and her funny hats, she is a true royal icon.

    • James B:
      How right you are………she is amazing, what a wonderful lady and queen. To me she will always be Queen B and nothing else. Such a strong spirit and that smile lights up every place she goes.

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