Catching Up With the Imperial Royal Family

In the midst of a month filled with royal events around the world, I apologize, dear readers, that I have not kept up with the Japanese Imperial Family’s engagements. On November 1, the Emperor and Empress attended at Sophia University’s 100th Anniversary. Empress Michiko wore another one of her signature saucer hats, this one in cream with a charcoal grey trailing flower. With her cream and charcoal graphic suit, the overall look was quite smart.

Empress Michiko, Nov. 1, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

On November 6th, the Imperial Family hosted a tea party for the recipients of the Order of Culture and persons of cultural merits. While Empress Michiko and Princess Kiko wore traditional kimonos, Crown Princess Masako, wore a beautiful creamy pink silk coat dress and matching bumper-style hat. Ordinarily, I would find this hat in need of something – a little embellishment or pop of colour to liven it up. On Masako (who attended this event for the first time in ten years), I thought it was just right.

Crown Princess Masako, Nov. 6, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog Crown Princess Masako, Nov. 6, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog Crown Princess Masako, Nov. 6, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

And finally, on November 11th, Empress Michiko, Princess Kiko and Princess Akiko of Mikasa attended the 474th Concert of Shichikukai at Toka Gakudo, the music hall of Imperial Palace.  Princess Kiko wore a very pale grey hat with wide folded brim while Princess Akiko wore a white bowler style hat with pink ribbon around the crown.

Princess Kiko and Princess Akiko, Nov. 11, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog Princess Kiko and Princess Akiko, Nov. 11, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Thanks to reader Owen for his assistance updating these events.

Photos from Imperial Family of Japan,  Imperial Family of Japan and Imperial Family of Japan

9 thoughts on “Catching Up With the Imperial Royal Family

  1. The Imperial ladies all look very elegant here. I like the hats in this order…Crown Princess Masako, Princess Kiko, Princess Akiko, and Empress Michiko. I am not in love with any of these hats, but I am not going to criticize them. Crown Princess Masako’s cream suit at the tea party was pretty and her hat looked good with this outfit.

  2. Princess Kiko of Akishinonomiya – Princess Akishino or Princess Kiko
    Princess Akiko of Mikasanomiya – Princess Akiko of Mikasa
    Akishinonomiya is name of Princess Kiko’s husband, “no-miya” is generally translated into English as Prince. Akishino-no-miya or Prince Akishino, not Prince Akishino-no-miya

  3. i think that’s the prettiest hat I have seen Empress Michiko wear, it has texture created by the sculptured shape, really pretty.
    CP Masako is in this shaped hat for the 3rd. time recently. I reminds me a bit of the gob hat worn by sailors, and the rounded crown of a derby (bowler) hat. I don’t like it worn so low on her forehead. Princess Kiko’s hat is a more pleasing shape to my eye. How restrained ane elegant these three women are.

  4. What always gets me about the Imperial Family is that the Empress is the most fashion forward (that’s quite a floppy set of Cape sleeves there!) or perhaps, she’s just got we look nailed. The younger Princesses however all dress like an early princess Di! Prim blouses and suits, with inoffensive hats. Their conservatism is actually a bit dull. However- point taken, it’s nice to see Masako out and about again, so I’ll stop my nitpicking there!

  5. It seems the hats worn by the Empress all look alike. Those saucers on her forehead. I wonder what she would look like in a hat like Queen Elizabeth wears? The other ladies of the royal court always wear hats that are very conservative with no decorations to speak of such as flowers or feathers. I read a long time ago an article which stated that there actually is a committee that has to approve of things the Japanese royal family wears and does, etc., and this committee is very strict and traditional. So I suppose that is why we will never see one of the princesses wearing something like the Duchess of Cambridge wears or Camilla or Sophie. Their hats will always be very plain and simple.

  6. It is really great seeing the ladies out and being involved in events, this I think Michiko’s hat and suit look really elegant on her. What strikes me is that all the ladies of this royal court always look so sad and stressed out. The CP looked especially nice, it is so good to see her out enjoying herself the best that she can regarding the IAH’s control of the family.

    • I don’t want this blog to become a pool of conjecture and speculation about what emotions royals are feeling based on their facial expressions on a random photograph. There are plenty of other places on the internet to have these (pointless and ridiculous) discussions. Let’s just talk about the hats, please!

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