Dutch King and Queen in Venezuela

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima visited Caracas, Venezuela yesterday.  Máxima repeated one of my least favorite headpieces- this pair of silver fabric rings look like the rings of Saturn circling her head. Many of you will recognize it from the christening of Princess Arianne in 2007 when Máxima wore this with a beautifully tailored silver suit. That first wearing, there was something about the suit and the hat combination that worked. This pairing (with a lovely teal lace dress), however, seems to magnify the oddity of this hat. But that’s just my opinion- what do you think?

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Oct. 20, 2007

Photos from Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Dutch King and Queen in Venezuela

  1. I much preferred the feathered hat worn with this dress in Denmark. This silver satin hat does look badly made sad to say. I don’t warm to it for either wearing. I would give it to the kids for dressup I’m afraid. Moving to Queen-hood is quite a big step and I think Max is still finding her stride dress-wise.

  2. I do like the hat. On other sites you could see her total outfit: her hat matched beautifully with her shoes (grey satin/shiny) and jewellery.
    It made the dress even more gorgeous. All in all great!!

  3. The hat looks lovely from the front. I agree it does look like two giant Alice bands sewn together and it would have been better with filled in crown.
    The teal dress is gorgeous ( jealous!) but mismatched with the hat. There are so many colours that would have looked stunning with the teal.
    Whilst I admire The Queen for trying to look avant garde and contemporary as far as her hats go, there are too many sad looking hats on this tour. I hate to use the term ‘awful’ when it comes to any millinery, given the amount of work it takes to make a good hat, but this is awful ( bad stitching, pressing & finishing). I’m learning millinery at the moment and would not be happy if this is what I produced. Sadly, this hat lacks the passion & joy of millinery – put it back in the box never to see the light of day!

  4. An open-top hat that actually works! I would never have thought. This one is created ‘out of the box’ and is not just a hat with the top missing. This is the first open-top hat I’ve seen that, well, looks nice.

  5. More agreement – first wearing of hat worked. This does not. Since the the dress doesn’t go with the hat, one just concentrates on its odd shape and unfortunately obvious back seam.
    Does Máx have a dresser who travels with her? Perhaps she needs (a better?) one. She’s had too many misses on this trip.

  6. It looks like two headbands stitched together. Would have worked better if the portion on the right side of her head was a full circle.

  7. oh, I agree completely, and don’t get the lace dress for a daytime event either. Others greeting her and around here were not dressed at this level of formality. Most of her clothes on this jaunt have seemed too tight, and a bit too short. She is beautiful and her smile is contageous, but I wish she her clothing reflected queenly dignity.

  8. Oh dear. Not sure which hat I like less with this dress: this, or the mismatched feathers she wore to visit Denmark. Hope she will keep trying. I do love this dress. Maybe the third time will be the charm.

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