Princess Benedikte Celebrates Care Home Anniversary

Princess Benedikte of Denmark attended the 40th anniversary of the Aktivitetscenter Benediktehjemmets (Care and Recreation Benedict Home) in Asminderød, Fredensborg today. For this event, Benedikte repeated her jewel purple wool trilby hat. I think this hat is very chic on Benedikte but I am scratching my own head wondering why it was paired with this magenta suit. I suppose this is one way to combat the winter blahs but I am feeling a little accosted by the colour punch in this ensemble.

2013-12-03 care home anniversary 1 2013-12-03 care home anniversary 2 2013-12-03 care home anniversary 3

A lovely side note- one of the residents of this care home was a former guard at Fredensborg Palace. He remembered Princess Benedikte from her childhood days and the two exchanged memories about each other. Quite sweet, really.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: March 8, 2013

Photos from Allan Nørre Overgaard

16 thoughts on “Princess Benedikte Celebrates Care Home Anniversary

  1. Love the outfit; the clean, simple lines (as it should be) and the nice combination of colours! Just charming. The Queen can learn something of this princess in the clothing and hat department!

  2. I love the hat! I love the outfit! I love the colors! I think she looks very lovely here. I am not too sure about her shoes though. (too much of a good thing perhaps?) I just realized why I always seem to have warm feelings towards photos of Princess Benedikte (she reminds me of my favorite Aunt).

    • Me too. This is such a nice change from the beige and cream colored outfits we see so much. Purple and pink look great together.

  3. It takes a strong woman to wear these 2 colors together and she is one strong lady, I love her hat, the shape and style. And the entire outfit is just perfect on her. Really great to see these bold bright colors at this time of year, great choice.

  4. I really like the size and shape of this hat paired with the suit, however, I find the matching purple shoes to be overkill and they ruin the whole look for me.

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  6. I also like this color combo on some women – it’s a big thing in the states to wear these shades together if you are in the Red Hat Society such is not usually red hats but purple ones with red or magenta making up the rest of your garb like seen here. She looks great – love the hat shape/material on her.

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