Designer Interview: Rachel Trevor Morgan

Royal Hats Blog Rachel Trevor Morgan has emerged in recent years as one of the premiere hat designers in Britain. One of Queen Elizabeth’s milliners since 2006, her hats have also graced the heads of The Duchess of Cambridge, The Countess of Wessex, Lady Serena Armstrong-Jones and Princess Alexandra of Kent (to name a few). Last year she was interviewed by the Telegraph last year and the interview gives a both a lovely introduction to this talented designer as well as great insight into her design process.

Last week, we looked at some modifications The Queen has made to her hats. Rachel Trevor Morgan states in this interview, “The Queen does have her opinions about what the hat should be like and whether it’s working or not… she will say if something is not right.” I think that answers our wondering about who decides when one of the Queen’s hats needs to be modified!

I hope you enjoy “meeting” this talented designer today!

Queen Elizabeth, June 14, 2011 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | The Royal Hats Blog   Queen Elizabeth, June 13, 2012 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | The Royal Hats Blog

Queen Elizabeth in two Rachel Trevor Morgan hats at Ascot, June 14, 2011 and on her Jubilee Tour, June 13, 2012

Photos from Chris Jackson via Zimbio and Chris Jackson via Zimbio 

8 thoughts on “Designer Interview: Rachel Trevor Morgan

  1. Very interesting to see this. Interesting point that the Queen has probably worn more different hats than anyone else in the world, and given her longevity, she may well have worn more different hats than anyone ever in human history… Quite a thought. Like the fact that her portrait is by far the most reproduced of anyone ever (given all those stamps and bank notes).

  2. I also almost always like Mrs. Morgan’s hats. They are beautifully made and embellished without being too much.

    Regarding HM’s opinions, I recall reading a statement Frederick Fox once made. In the late 1970’s he sent either a hat or a design that the Queen deemed much too small. HM returned it along with a note saying that he had been watching entirely too much “Edward & Mrs. Simpson.”

  3. This was very interesting. I really like the hats she designs, and how wonderful to know that Her Majesty is so involved in the making of the hats that she wears!

  4. Thanks! I pretty consistently like RTM’s hats for the Queen. The shapes may be standard but the embellishments are often a fresh take on things and well proportioned.

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