Royal Hat Trends of 2013: #5

As we ring in the 2014, we’re going to say a final farewell to 2013 with a look at five major trends we observed in royal millinery last year. With no further adieu, we will begin with…

2013 Royal Hat Trend #5- The Diagonal Brims

While we saw fewer large picture hats this year than we have seen in the past, many of the larger hats we did see featured a sharply upturned brim on one side of the hat. It is a dramatic millinery look but one that beautifully frames the wearer’s face. The mystery remains, however, as to why each hat is raised on the left side. Mystery aside, here are some of the many diagonally brimmed hats we saw this year.


5 thoughts on “Royal Hat Trends of 2013: #5

  1. I find it interesting that both the young and the older royals are both wearing this style of hat. I don’t like the hats that are almost vertical. I really like Queen Elizabeth and Queen Beatrix’s hats.

  2. addendum: i’m such a scatterbrain today – too much champagne last night.

    last but not least: the gentlemen in general always walk on the ladies’ left side: if the left side of the brim was turned down ….. communication might be difficult :-), if not impossible.

  3. a very happy new year to you, dear hat queen, and all fellow posters!

    reg. the upturned brim on the left side: IMO i think it has to do with the righthandedness of most people and handshaking with the right hand.

    try it yourself :-): if you shake somebody’s hand and bow your head, in general you bow to the left side, not to the right. if the left brim was not turned up, big hats would touch the shoulder.

    also, for some reason, brooches seem to be worn mainly on the left side / shoulder / collar. so maybe upturned brims are intended to visually counterbalance blingy ornaments?

    very rarely can brooches be spotted somewhere on the right side, except maybe for fixing sashes etc. . i noticed that once because i do follow the fashion- and jewelblogs of ‘order of splendor’ (and keep promoting this blog whenever possible!); her majesty QEII seem to always wear them on the left side.

    just my observations, of course! do look forward what explanations will be posted.

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