Queen Elizabeth Steps Out to Church at Sandringham

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended church this morning at St. Mary Magdalene’s near their Sandringham estate. The Queen repeated a hat we have not seen in nearly two years- a rather simple hat with a square crown and rolled brim. While this hat is made in the same grey and taupe bouclé as her coat, the crown is embroidered in an intricate pattern of gold flowers and leaves (you can see the embroidery on this photo, taken the last time the Queen wore this hat). I find the idea of embroidery to embellish a hat very interesting and creative, although I don’t think the bouclé fabric on this particular hat works well with it.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: I believe it is Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: February 5, 2012; October 22, 2008

Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Steps Out to Church at Sandringham

  1. I too like this outfit: simple lines but the gold interspersed on the hat and on the coat are magnificent. Odd that the Queen has worn this only at and to Sandringham since the outfit’s debut in Slovenia in 2008. I think the effect of this outfit is more majestic than that of many of the recent outfits AK has created.

  2. I quite like this tweedy number actually, and I’m pretty sure it is an AK as the hat shape is the same as the Wedgwood blue one she wore in Ireland.

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