Birthday of Princess Michael of Kent

Royal Hats Princess Michael of Kent celebrates her 69th birthday today. Marie-Christine’s hat style, as we all know, tends toward the dramatic. While she occasionally wears an oversize pillbox, she is most often seen in a large picture hat trimmed with showstopping flowers, feathers or bows. I thought about recommending a different hat style for her but can’t imagine her truly suiting a tailored trilby or minimalist calot. I think Princess Michael simply suits a picture hat- the bigger and more dramatic, the better. The hat I have chosen for her is made by New York milliner Suzanne Newman, a hat designer who makes marvelous high-society hats. I think this pairing of designer and muse would be a match made in millinery heaven.

Suzanne Newman design

What kind of hat would you like to see Princess Michael of Kent wear this year? Please post a link to the hat you would like to see (original photo source please) and a brief explanation of why you choose that hat for Princess Michael.

Photo from Suzanne Couture Millinery 

37 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Michael of Kent

  1. The black ruffled hat you suggest is fabulous. I think black and white is an excellent choice for Princess Michael. She often wears large flowers and I thought something more graphic but equally dramatic would be good for her.

  2. I think most of these hats are too much except for the peacock feathers headpiece which looks nice. Why not a soft, traditional hat like this? It would look good on Princess Michael with her curly blonde hair.

  3. Dear HatQueen — What a fabulous new feature — with your suggestions, and the fabulous and marvelous creations your readers find and share. Enjoying this vastly.
    You hit Princess M right on the head (so to speak) with this one! It would look fabulous on her, either with a voluminous ‘new look’ dress, or a more attenuated sheath. So long as MrFitzroy wasn’t sitting behind her in church!
    Because MC does retro so well, would love to see her in a modernized “Upside Down Flower Bucket” a’la what the Queen Mum used to wear! She has the stature and gravitas to pull it off! (Though perhaps this vintage -Halston?- example is a bit on the extreme side.)

  4. She does look good in big hats but what about something softer for a change? This headpiece is from Fino Fino, a beautiful hat shop here in San Francisco.

  5. Anything so long as she doesn’t go for the turban again! LOL I think she should wear more of the oversized pillboxes, they look really great on her.

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