British Royal Couple at Church in Norwich

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip attended the Sunday Service at Wolferton Church in Norwich this morning. She repeated a peach coloured hat covered in the same textured fabric as hear coat, trimmed by feathers and a slim knotted bow. I’m not partial to this shade on Her Majesty although I like the scale and decoration on the hat. What do you think?

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: July 18, 2012; March 14, 2011; November 23, 2010; September 14, 2010; November 19, 2009

Photo from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “British Royal Couple at Church in Norwich

  1. I really like this hat. The little design with the feather arrows is relatively subtle but gives added interest to the hat/coat/dress fabric. The crown and brim are perfectly proportioned, and the slight angle to the brim adds interest. (I think this is a favorite shape for RTM’s hats for QE2.) I too am not fond of the color, but the Queen can’t wear turquoise or pink every day.

  2. I agree that this isn’t Her Majesty’s best color; to me, it seems to bring out a greenish undertone to her skin, which is normally such stunning roses and cream. I’m not a huge fan of the hat shape, either. I do agree it’s time to retire this set and move on to other more flattering colors.

  3. Lilibet wears more than most colours easily, quite a feat I think. But you are right about this apricot/ peach colour Hat Queen, it is just not for her. Not to worry, she has a rainbow in her wardrobe to choose from, perhaps we’ll be bowled over tomorrow. But not by the hat shape.

  4. I rather like this on her, it’s warm and glowing………I like the entire outfit yet I think maybe brown instead of black accessories would have bene better. Black seems to harsh for the peach color………she looks delighted to be out and about and her smile is always great.

  5. I like the shape of the outfit. A brighter color would be better. I don’t like the texture of the fabric – a brighter color might hide that more.

  6. She looks lovely! So nice to see her in more spring shades like this in the middle of winter – ‘those’ rules are breaking fast now. However, living in Calif, you never would know it’s winter – I’ve been in crops and shorts with 75 degree weather for weeks now – we’ve yet to hit our winter. I’ve never switched over my closet yet…and the part of Cali I live in typically is quite cool by Nov with very cool, brisk winds off the Pacific Ocean.

  7. I agree with you HatQueen. I like the colour and the hat shape – just not on Her Majesty. The apricot does not suit her skin colour at all, but her smile is wonderful as always.

  8. I’ve always rather liked this outfit – and so does the Queen, it’s one of her most oft repeated titfers. However I’m a bit tired of it frankly, it’s had so many outings, I think it’s time for it to be retired…

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