Birthday of the Countess of Wessex

Royal HatsThe Countess of Wessex celebrates her 49th birthday today. I think Sophie is looking better than ever these days and her collaboration with British milliner Jane Taylor is one of the most exciting ones in all of royal millinery (and yielded two of our top ten royal hats in 2013). I can not imagine a better pairing than Sophie and Jane… so my pick for the Countess is something completely different. Vintage, simple and classic. I think this black cocktail hat with pearls and net veil would be dynamite on Sophie.

Unknown design, James Nader photography Nerida Fraiman

The designer of the hat above(left) is unknown; the hat on above right was designed by Nerida Fraiman. I’m curious, dear readers, what hat would you like to see on the Countess of Wessex this year?

NOTE- It is also Queen Mathilde’s birthday today. Think about what hat you want to suggest for our newest European Queen- we will celebrate her tomorrow!

Photos from James Nader and Harrods

42 thoughts on “Birthday of the Countess of Wessex

    • I don’t usually like these modern abstract hats but this one I like! I have picked a similar type hat but with a traditional brim for Sophie. I think it would be a good winter hat for her. I think the designer is HatMaker but I’m not sure.

  1. The vintage pearl cocktail hat is glorious. This option is still dramatic and modern but with a slightly more classic look. I can not find who the designer is.

  2. I like Sophie’s cocktail hats. She looks amazing in Jane Taylor but I think this would be great on her. I love the black and white twisted bow.

  3. Sophie is one of the only royals who wears really creative and interesting hats. Her millinery are pieces of wearable art and I wish she wore the millinery creations of other creative designers. Like this.

  4. I like the vintage hat you chose for the Countess but I do not think it would be flattering on her. A vintage hat like this one however would be beautiful.

  5. Call me old fashioned and sentimental but I would love to see Sophie in a 1950s inspired dress with a hat like this for Ascot this year.

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