Birthday of Queen Mathilde

Royal HatsQueen Mathilde of Belgium celebrated her 41st birthday yesterday. In the past year, she has emerged as one of the most interesting royal hat wearers and claimed top spot in our favourite hats of 2013. Choosing a hat for Mathilde was difficult but I have selected the “Carmen” bubblegum pink straw hat with open, curved lattice brim from British Milliner Rachel Black’s SS 2014 collection. Pink is a great colour for this Queen and she has rocked many an interesting hat shape in the past (see 40 of her past hats from her 40th birthday a year ago). I think this hat would be perfect for her.

Rachel Black Millinery

Please share your millinery suggestions for Queen Mathilde in the comments. Let’s please respect the work of these marvelous milliners by crediting designers whenever possible.

Photo from Rachel Black Millinery


31 thoughts on “Birthday of Queen Mathilde

  1. I like when Queen Mathilde matches her hats in the same color to her dresses. She looks so put together and elegant. She also looks real good in red and I think this hat is just right for her!

  2. I am so impressed by such a wide variety of unique hats suggested here. Clearly this collection represents wider variety and originality than is currently worn by the royals. One explanation may be the small number of designers from which they choose.

  3. I’m not fussy for this hat. The curved brim looks like a bent bicycle rim. I also don’t know enough about hats o post a picture here but I do enjoy looking at the pictures everyone else posts. Some of the hats are very nice.

  4. I really like the hats made by Rachel Black and would like to see Queen Mathilde and other royal persons wear them. IThis pink hat is very creative and Mathilde wears avant garde hats very well.

  5. Oh, I love that hat you chose. Also would like to see that on the Duchess of Cambridge! I do like the pink. Would love to see her wearing that.

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