Rainy Sunday in Norfolk

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh braved strong winds and driving rain this morning to attend Sunday morning service at The Church of Mary Magdalene near their Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. The Queen repeated her pink wool hat with feather pouf. It’s a hat that looks quite lovely on her although I find the colour a little washed out (pun intended!). I also wonder how well those feathers hold up in such weather?

Queen Elizabeth, January 26, 2014 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: May 23, 2013; March 31, 2013

Photo from EDP24

5 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday in Norfolk

  1. Remember that this is the first of the two hats the Queen has worn for this outfit. See the This or That from October 10: https://royalhats.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/pink-or-pink/#comments
    Although many people didn’t like the koosh ball, I prefer this hat, although I really don’t like either one.
    Usually when the Queen wears a second hat with one particular outfit, that second hat replaces the first hat permanently, always making me wonder whether the first might have been damaged or lost. Now that this first hat has returned, I do wonder why there are two surprisingly similar but yet different hats.

    • I think the answer is quite simple- one of the hats is wool for winter wearing while the other is straw for summer wearing. I suspect the coat is a mid-weight that works for both seasons and the Queen needed two hats to wear the coat year-round.

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